Saturday, December 14

A New Hope

What I'm Wearing:
Graphic Pullover: Glamour Kills Clothing
Revo Wireless Headphone: Jabra
Orche Straight Leg: Big Star USA
Camo Shoes: Dr Martens
Colour block Backpack: Electric Visual
Black Jacket: Glamour Kills Clothing
Gold iphone Case: Zero Gravity
Favourite Beanie: Gap
Plaid Scarf: Thrifted

Here are some of my Holiday favourites!
Button Up Shirts from Descendant of Thieves and Kennington
The perfect Winter boots: Palladium
Leather daily planner: Gigi New York
Transparent Penny Board: Modekungen


  1. Wonderful look! And best wishes for you!

  2. awesome look, such great layering.

  3. Loving all the color mixes here! You look great!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  4. Hello Bobby! I love your style!
    Shoes are great and the skateboard really cool :)


  5. I really like these soft tones of your style.
    You're a really good fashion blogger! I feel entertained by following you.
    In addition you're choice of location and color editing fits all the time so well to your clothes.

  6. I love your jacket!! It's fantastic! And "clothes" for your iphone...:D

  7. Look so cozy! Me want your jacket!

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