Friday, September 30

Let the pieces fall into place. Bluenotes Fall 1

  Excited to be back in the my favourite season when it comes to fashion. I've been enjoying the return of some of my favourite colours while having to layer up. I got together is my friend Kyle to do some fun early fall photos! You can get my entire outfit over at Bluenotes as well as the jacket that my friend is wearing. They are actually having a one day 40% off sale online as well as in store! (Friday September 30th) I caught the last promotion when I got these slim joggers in wine. I've also been wearing this rose tee way too much. I'll be sure to be back more frequently this season with some more Fall fashion inspiration and yes, I've already been thinking about potential Halloween costume ideas! Till next time! -Bobby

Sunday, June 19

Bestival Day 1

Hey guys!!  It's been awhile since I last posted on my blog;  I've been recovering from an accident for awhile now but managed to attend Bestival in Toronto on behalf of The Festival Traveler this past weekend.  I couldn't pass up such an amazing opportunity to take pictures at the festival.  It was also my best friend Tanner's Birthday, so we spent the weekend in Toronto and he assisted me with taking these photos.

There were sooo many unique people with incredible outfits at Bestival, so stay tuned for my upcoming blog post featuring the festival fashion as well as day 2 photos!!  On day 1 we explored the grounds and found lots of unique places to kick back and enjoy the music, such as the knitted couch up on a hill that allowed us to hide out while watching people dance to some wicked jungle beats.  There was such an abundance of creativity at the festival - so many unique and kitschy details in every corner.

The essence of the festival was very eclectic with lots of hippie vibes - it was really inspirational to see everyone embrace the theme with their fashion.

Overall, Bestival was an inspiring celebration of creativity and self-expression.  You guys should check out The Festival Traveller blog, the owner Vesna is super cool and she will get you inspired to attend a Festival soon and help you to get an inside perspective of what to expect!

Saturday, February 27

Guelph Winter Night Market!

Here are some pictures from the Guelph Winter Night Market that I was a part of earlier this month. I was selling a bunch of things from my closet with the help of my friends Melynda, Tanner and Jesse. I had also made some custom shirts and graphic tees which were mixed together with other pieces from my closet for cheap as 5$. I can't thank the organizers Emily and Theresa enough for allowing me to be a part of this unique event. There was a variety of diverse shops and clothing fitting for everyone. Delicious snacks and drinks and great music! Please be sure to come to the next one April 7th which is the day become my Birthday! =] I'll be sure to have even more cool things for sale like custom graphic tees and handmade headbands constructed with the help of my mom. I'll be sure to give some more reminders and detail about the next event! Don't forget to come and support what supports you! Till next time!~ -Bobby

Wednesday, January 27

Guelph Night Market is coming soon! (February 10th!)

Hey guys! I've got some exciting news! I'll be selling a bunch of my things at the Guelph Winter Night Market which is coming up really soon! If you live in the Guelph area and want to stop by for some fun shopping, drinks and snacks that would be great to see you there! This is actually the first time that I'm going to be having a pop up display while selling things from my closet. It's only 2$ cover to get in and there will be a bunch of awesome local vendors and the ebar is always a good time! So come out, celebrate and get together with some great people with similar interests!~