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Tuesday, September 30

When Art comes to life

paint 12
This weekend I had one of the most exciting and unreal experiences to have come my way. I teamed up with Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply to be painted by the one and only incredible artist Alexa Meade at the Hudson's Bay right downtown Toronto last friday. I wasn't sure what to expect because I haven't once posed for live painting let alone be painted into one! but after my experience I can be sure to say it was quite relaxing to say the least. I'll have to admit I was a little nervous and intimated to be in the window with a lot of attention on me, but then I realized it was more anonymous and I became one with the painting and artistic concept. In a way I became the wallflower that I am with all of it's perks. One of my favourite parts was looking out of the window and seeing all reactions from people walking by, especially when I startled a few people. I learned a lot about the deeper conceptual message behind Alexa's art when talking to her during the painting process. I find it fascinating that her art can be photographed from many angles and poses to create infinite possibilities of different paintings. This experience is completely priceless to me and these images will always be something that I will cherish for ever. I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by and for showing your support. I was completely surprised by some people that came by and hold it close to my heart. Thanks a lot for reading my blog today. I took way too many photos that I'm thinking of making a second blog post to share more photos of this day. To be continued... Warmest wishes, Bobby Raffin

Thursday, September 25

The city from my point of view.

As some of you know I've moved back to Guelph after my three month trip in Mexico so that I could spend time with my family and straighten out some things that I've been running from. Coming back home was quite gloomy while most of my friends had moved away and I felt quite distant with having any social life. It also didn't help that I was trying to live cellphone free, but things turned quite pleasant after some time. After getting myself out of debt with a part time job I've been starting to save for something that I've always wanted and thought of most days of my life. A lot of the negative thoughts have been fading and have been replaced with a positive outlook on life. While being in the fashion industry a lot of people have been questioning my lifestyle and why the heck I've been living here in Guelph, because all of the opportunities are in Toronto. To be quite honest I prefer the feeling of a small city like Guelph because I like the idea of smiling at strangers without receiving a cold shoulder and having a higher chance of running into someone that you may know. There are certainly more reasons than that, but you'll have to just find out for yourself. Well here are some photographs that I've taken while living here and I'll also be writing a bit about my favourite hot spots.