Wednesday, January 27

Guelph Night Market is coming soon! (February 10th!)

Hey guys! I've got some exciting news! I'll be selling a bunch of my things at the Guelph Winter Night Market which is coming up really soon! If you live in the Guelph area and want to stop by for some fun shopping, drinks and snacks that would be great to see you there! This is actually the first time that I'm going to be having a pop up display while selling things from my closet. It's only 2$ cover to get in and there will be a bunch of awesome local vendors and the ebar is always a good time! So come out, celebrate and get together with some great people with similar interests!~

Monday, January 18

Minimal + Clear

I recently got these crystal clear glasses over at What I like that they are not quite obvious but also unique and fashionably forward. I've always noticed they look great with an all white outfit and so I thought I'd try it myself. Great quality product with surprisingly fast shipping as well as nice packaging. You can also get the Joseph Marc 4149 Crystal frame at  50% off as well as all the other exclusive brands on by using coupon code: MYSTYLE thanks for stopping by! Till next time! -Bobby

Monday, December 7


Today's blog post I'm going to be reviewing/ featuring the new A360 Polar Fitness Tracker with optical heart rate sensor, digital touch screen, and smart notifications. This waterproof activity tracking bracelet is stylish and looks cool with any outfit with having the option of  changeable bracelets to better match your outfits. I also like how you can customize the clock on the main screen while having many different options depending on your personal taste. It's also great that you are able to stay connected to the Polar Flow platform where you can view your detailed progress such as tracking calories burnt, how much sleep you are getting and calories burnt and much more. I've been using the dairy on the Polar Flow website to get a better understanding on my daily activity and to help reach my goals. I've already noticed that somedays while working I've been burning way too many calories while on my days off getting less any activity than I should. I'm hoping to figuring out how to better organize my schedule so that I can live a more actively balanced routine and with this product I can do that and much more. You can find the Polar A360 at Sportcheck and other Polar products at Running Room. I think this would make a great Christmas gift for anyone as I instantly grew to love it. As the New Year is approaching it's also a great idea to help motivate someone start a healthier and more active lifestyle. This post is sponsored by Polar and I am more than happy to collaborate with them as I'm genuinely a fan of the brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own. See more of their stuff on instagram and twitter @Polarglobal and get involved using the #PolarA360 and #AccurateSimplicity hashtags. Thanks for stopping by today on my blog! Till next time!