Wednesday, May 6

Frank Wright

f1What I'm Wearing:
Suede Chelsea Boots: Frank Wright
Leather Varsity Jacket: Coach
Oversized Pullover: Denim & Supply
DIY Bleached Jeans: Levi's 501
Sunglasses: ZeroUV
Camera Bag: Thrifted

Tuesday, May 5

Tropical Addiction

e1What I'm Wearing:
Tee: Birthday Gift
Black Pants: Armani
Jacket: Thrifted
Photography: Henry Evia

Sunday, May 3

Thursday, April 30

Salute the Sun

s1What I'm Wearing:
Military Jacket: Borrowed from Henry
Photography: Hen Evia

Sunday, April 26

Smells like Henry Evia

r9Today for my collaboration look with Henry Evia we decided to switch up our style and wear each other's outfits. Actually, Henry styled me from head-to-toe and I also let him borrow my favourite clothes. We were quite surprised because everything fit quite perfectly; even our shoe size is the same. I feel a little strange wearing tight jeans because for the last past years I've been wearing more loose fit pants. I feel quite edgy in this outfit, and perhaps I'd maybe wear it to a concert or to the cinema on a Wednesday night. He also felt like a whole new person in my outfit. I've never seen him so casual and it's quite funny because he looks like my long lost brother haha. Over all it was a lot of fun to try something new. I love taking pictures on the roof top, but remember kids, don't try this at home! Don't forget to check out Henry's side of the story on his blog here. Till next time! -Bobby

Thursday, April 23


m1What I'm Wearing:
Dots Silk Knit Tie: Eton
Rose Classic Tie Bar: Eton
Ranger Hat: East Dane