Sunday, December 14

Saturday, December 13


white2What I'm Wearing:
Skull and Stars Lace Shirt: Wholesale 7
White Pants: American Apparel
Painted Dress Shoes: Thrifted

Thursday, December 11


light1What I'm Wearing:
Forest Sweater: Aloha From Deer
Handmade Knitted Scarf: Funi

Monday, December 8


ride6Good morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend! My newest look is styled to be formal yet casual at the same time. I threw on my favourite blazer on along with some casual taupe trousers and a floral causal tie. Most importantly I got these new Taipei leather boots from GUIDOMAGGI handmade in Italy. Well, they are not no ordinary boots that's for sure! They are actually called "elevator shoes" because they are height increasing! The fashion designer and CEO of the company is Emanuele Briganti designed for people who desire to look taller, and with a little extra height comes confidence. My height is 5'11 which is a few inches shy from being the height of a professional model, so I've always had to unconfident feeling of being able to be one. Even though I'm still tall I always wanted to just be slightly taller, maybe 3 inches more. Sometimes I'd be so pathetic and but socks in my heels which I look back and laugh at myself for doing so. Now with these boots it's much easier and I can wear them to a party when I want to stand out and be more confident. Go to for all the customers all over the world and for the italian customers. Well that's about it for today! Thanks for checking out my blog! -Bobby

Saturday, December 6

Rebel Without Rules

velvet4What I'm Wearing:
Graphic Tee: Dirty Velvet
Denim Jacket: Big Star
Boots: Palladium
Gloves: H&M

Wednesday, December 3


space1What I'm Wearing:
Sun Tattoo V Reversible Coat: Romwe
Buckled Shoes: Versace x H&M
Bandana Print Cap: Wizards of the West