Monday, July 13

Playa Del Carmen

Some of the first photos from my trip to Cancun. The first day we went to Playa Del Carmen to go swimming at a really nice beach and then did little shopping. The hotel we stayed at was Villa Del Palmar, which is the photo above. It was right next to the ferry which goes to the beautiful Isla Mujeres. I'll be sure to share some more photos from the rest of the trip with you soon. I finally had the opportunity to wear my new swims shorts from Katin USA. They seriously have some of my favourite clothes because of the colour and patterns that they choose. I like that they are very muted and have a modest unique look to them. Be sure to check them out! Happy Monday! Sincerely your friend, Bobby!

Saturday, June 20

Forever 21 Menswear Dinner Event

f1f5f6On Thursday evening I went to the Forever 21 Menswear Dinner event at the LCBO in Summerhill and it was a lot of fun. Chef Matthew Kennedy provided us with an informative cooking lessing and served a three course meal starting with grilled black tiger shrimp, steak with charred corn, sweet pepper and basil salsa, and ending with a strawberry and rhubarb crumble topped with vanilla ice cream. I was so thankful to be given the recipes because near the end while eating the strawberry and rhubarb crumble I was regretting not writing anything down. I will be sure to try and attempt on making some of these dishes myself! My favourite beer that I tasted was the one served with the appetizers called Les Trois Mousquetaires Hopefenweisse. I'll be sure to have that next time I grill seafood in my barbecue backyard party. Below are some of the photos from the event while featuring the newest collection from Forever 21 Men. I really like the colour pallet that they selected and of course they used a lot of unique patterns and had a lot of fun accessories. That's about it for today! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend everyone. Sincerely, Bobby

Tuesday, June 16

Light Summer

After the rain on a warm afternoon in Montreal. One of my favourite things to do is see the city from the rooftop. One of my go to shirts is this long sleeve from East Dane because it's really comfortable and easy to throw on. I like how the sleeves are off-white and it makes it a bit different.

Monday, June 15

June Evenings

l1Going to one of my favourite places near my house was a bit different. The old tree house was burnt down and it was a little depressing because I enjoy hanging out in there. All that's left are ashes and memories as cliche as that may be said. Maybe a new one will be built somewhere deeper into the forest.

Thursday, June 11

A world with no rules.

max8max3This photoshoot is inspired by Mad Max. Ever since I saw the movie a couple weeks ago I've been inspired in a new light. At Anime North earlier this month I created a costume inspired by the movie, but I haven't been able to photograph it because the location that I want to shoot it at is pretty far away. So for the mean time I couldn't wait to post something inspired by the movie, so here is something until that happens. None of this outfit is going to be part of my next Mad Max photoshoot so don't worry, it will be completely different. Actually this look is inspired by original movies and my next look will be from the newer one because I noticed the fashion is a lot different. I have created an entire new look for the badlands.