Friday, October 13

JD Sports // Nike Air Force 1

Today I'm sharing my newest pair of trainers that I got from JD Sports. These Nike Air Force 1 in triple white are light and extremely comfortable and I'm really pleased with the feel of them. They also arrived really fast in the mail and I was quick to break them in. It also makes it really easy to style as most of my active clothing is also black and white. Check out the JD Sports website for more Nike Air Force 1 shoes. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 3

Toronto Events: Artbound // AmexCobalt

Toronto always has exciting events going on in the city, but last Thursday would have to have been more electrifying than most! It started off with a pop-up restaurant event created in celebration of American Express Canada's new card where guests got to enjoy a five course meal cooked by Chef Antonio Park. What's great about the new #AmexCobalt card is that it's targeted for a younger audience with some major rewards when doing all the fun things like travelling, eating, shopping and even taking a taxi. #YouDoYou is a celebration to yourself by getting rewarded by just doing what you like and not having to work around the card. 🙌🏻💳✨
Later in the night I got to attend Artbound; a party with purpose. This night of transformative talent was overflowing with inspirational people and creative performances. 
The theme of this event was #worldwithcolour while all guests took part in a black & white or full colour dress code. Party with a purpose was created to raise money to fund creative programs currently in six countries and with a goal to expand in the future.  It was also great to see Busty and the Bass, a nine member hip-hop soul group from Montreal who I must mention sounds amazing live! My favourite part of the night was when I spotted the lead singer and got a chance to chat with him right before they went on stage. #Artbound was such a wonderful experience and I appreciate all the hard work and planning it took to organize such a successful event. Thanks for stopping by, till next time! -Bobby 🌃 

Monday, September 11

Fall Favourites ft. Bluenotes

Now that Fall is here it's my favourite time to shop and reinvent my style with layers, flannel and cozy knits. Bluenotes has been having some major sales and I got most of the clothes in these photos during their 40% off sale! Thanks for stopping by! Stay warm!
My top picks

Sunday, August 6

The Hiking Style with Bluenotes

A few days ago I planned a photo shoot inspired by a late Summer hike with some of the newest arrivals and denim over at Bluenotes. Alicia and Kat are also winners from the Bluenotes Ambassador contest so it was cool to get together and go on a hike.  I'm wearing the denim joggers, new flannel plaid for an adventurous early Fall look. Alicia's outfit includes high rise destroyed denim and chocker cut tee to create an edgy and distressed look. Kat's outfit includes a v-neck cold shoulder top with crochet, and destroyed tomboy denim in light stone wash for a feminine and flowy look. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!

Sunday, July 30

My Rethink, Reuse #ValueVillageDIY Project

During the past week, Value Village inspired me to take a repurposed approach towards a DIY project.📦♻️🔨 The purpose of this #ValueVillageDIY project was to take retired items and repurpose them, giving them a new, practical purpose. The primary pieces, such as the wooden cabinet doors, faucets and fabric used in this project were found at Value Village. I was fortunate to have spotted a wooden frame on the side of a road, which was used as the base. From scattered abandoned pieces, and a bit of creative thinking, this rustic handcrafted bar cart was born. The total cost of this project costed $15 to put together. It was my first time and it was so much fun that I'll probably try it again sometime! Who know's maybe I'll sell some pieces in the future ;) Thanks for stopping by!-Bobby

Monday, July 17

SKYE Footwear

When it comes to deciding on shoes, comfort has become my main priority. I've been trying the new ultra-soft runner-style designed by SKYE Footwear which I've become quickly impressed by. This minimal and trendy design goes with most of my daily fresh and formal outfits. These shoes are so light and breezy designed for an adventurous lifestyle. Sustainability is something that's also very important to the brand while using biodegradable and recyclable materials. No need to lace up! All of their designs are slip on and ready for take off. Check out more of their designs online! Thanks for stopping by and have a good week! -Bobby