Friday, December 2

Winter Warmth ft. Bluenotes Holiday Favourites

Now that it's December I suppose it's a little more appropriate for me to be posting Christmas content even though I've secretly been in the holiday spirit since three weeks ago. I'm not normally one that wears a lot of red but during this time of year I try to make a bit of a shift in my seasonal colour palette. Even if it's just a little bit of red to pop out underneath a cardigan -it's creating a very festive vibe! I've been looking everywhere for the perfect flannel and I got mine over at Bluenotes along with the rest of my outfit. This parka has become quite the outfit life saver, as it can  be casually thrown on overtop of any outfit without ruining a look. We've all been there when we've spent a time to coordinate an outfit that we are really proud of, and then have to cover it all up with a winter coat. It's also been quite the struggle dressing up when the weather has been quite unpredictable. Being one of my favourite and modest greens, this makes it even easier to combine with the rest of my wardrobe. It definitely becomes a staple piece on my rack. Happy holidays everyone and have a wonderful weekend! -Bobby #mybluenotes #itsparkatime

Tuesday, November 8

Autumn Vibes

Back with another Fall look featuring a fun graphic polo from Shelfies.

Thursday, November 3

Pokemon Go Street Patrol: Officer Jenny

It’s been a bit of a tradition creating a Pokemon related costume each year and so it was on my mind to keep it going. This costume came together last minute when I had gotten this really cool t-shirt from an online shop called Shelfies. I thought that somehow that I could incorporate this shirt into a Pokemon related costume easily. With the Pokemon Go loading screen I came up with the idea of promoting safety while becoming Officer Jenny. I had found this hat hoarding around the basement, which I never really used for previous costumes and so it was cool to finally get a wear of it. I had some white gloves also in a costume bin and the rest of my outfit came together with from my regular wardrobe. Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Till next time! -Bobby

Monday, October 31

The Olympians

Every year I like to get involved in some sort of Halloween group shoot with a few of my friends and not only design a costume for myself but for the entire group. This year I wanted to do something simple that I could make with things laying around the house. Gold spray paint, pack of feathers, hot glue gun and I was set! Olympian inspired costume with a Versace inspired pair of briefs. I was having the most fun making the winged gauntlet arm cuffs that were actually really surprisingly comfortable to wear. The shoulder armour was also inspired by the Paco Rabanne Olympea fragrance ad. As a finishing touch I included a piece of old curtain fabric keeping me super warm during the cold and windy weather conditions. Art directing and all the golden accessories were created by me. Special photography help from my friend Tanner and my sister Alicia. My friend Melynda Moon being super crafty put her outfit together in 30 minutes of time while wrapping and knotting pieces of fabric around creating a top. I found a dress at a thrift store for Lisa to wear, and also sprayed the wings gold for Kyle. There couldn't have been a more perfect location other than Bernardi PreCast located on Elizabeth street in Guelph. Overall the shoot turned out absolutely amazing and it couldn't have gone better! Thanks for check out my blog today!! Happy Halloween and can't wait to see everyone else's costumes!! Much love! -Bobby

Wednesday, October 26

Bench Fall Feature

 Excited to share another Fall outfit post with you! I had a bit of a shopping spree over at Bench during the 40% off sale and got this wool jacket, sweatpants shirt and beanie. The jacket is surprisingly keeping me really warm with the sudden temperature drop over the last few days. I finally went to the pumpkin patch with my family and friend Kyle! Didn't really get lost in the corn maze being too tall, but it was still fun going in a haunted house. A also got a new elegant watch from Knut Gadd that I''m absolutely in love with. You'll be seeing more of that I'm sure. Super excited to share my Halloween looks with you!!! I've already photographed one and will be posting the pictures real soon!! Stay tuned!! -Bobby

Outfit details
Full outfit: Bench
Watch: Knut Gadd

Saturday, October 22

Open your Xenses

I'm really excited to share my experience at Xenses park with you during my trip to Cancun. Honestly I wasn't sure to expect before going because it just opened this year and I didn't hear too much information about it, but once you go there are so many great surprises and you can't put a price on the excitement. It really went above my expectations because there were a lot of different attractions.  Entering the Xensitorium was not only the highlight of the park but of my overall vacation being in Cancun. I was happy to take my brother for his Birthday and I was so happy to hear that it was also his favourite part of the trip. I wasn't able to take any photos in the Xensitorium because it was pitch black and you had to navigate through the cave by feeling the walls and the temperature, sounds, textures and everything changes and it really creates the illusion that you are in these exotic locations, especially when you hear the annoyance of pesky mosquitoes in a swamp while crossing a rickety bridge. I don't want to give too much of the park away because it's meant to be a mystery until you see it for yourself. If you are planning a trip to Cancun, or the Riviera Maya area for vacations I genuinely recommend this place if you like adventure, a bit of suspense, Art and optical illusions. Below are a few pictures that I took during my time there. Of course I took way too many pictures but I'm only sharing the ones where I don't look scared ;) Have a nice day everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog!! -Bobby