Saturday, April 19


What I'm Wearing:
Varsity Jacket: Choies
Niles 2 Slip on Sneaker: Coach
Knuckles iphone Case: Bagsq

Friday, April 18

Floral Camo Spring

What I'm Wearing:
Floral Camo Shirt: SWORDS-SMITH
Mercer Banket Brief in Leather: COACH

Thursday, April 17

Into the Box

What I'm Wearing:
Leather Wallet: Coach
Dress Shirt: Modus Man
Jewelry: Jeweshop

Monday, April 14

Unstealable Jewel

What I'm Wearing:
Graphic Tank: Gypsy Warrior
Denim Shirt: DIY
Jewellery: Vanessa Mooney
Harem Pants: Urban Outfitters

Sunday, April 13

Spring Blues

What I'm Wearing:
Mint Button Up: Descendant of Thieves
Straw Fedora: Brixton
Combat Boots: Dr. Scholl's
Patched Jeans: Gap

Saturday, April 12

DIY Feathered Headband Tutorial

See how you can make one of these feathered headbands with my easy step by step tutorial below!