Friday, October 31


It was a pretty last minute and random idea to make a Vaporeon costume from Pokemon. One night I was finishing making the bird mask for my previous costume and then I got a little too carried away. I made a collar piece out of cardboard paper and then painting it blue and white with some glitter. Lastly I just used some of my regular day clothing to complete the look. Luckily I had a turquoise blazer and some mermaid like pants! That's about it! I painted some poke balls out of styrofoam balls that I found at the dollarstore and then brought them along. They are also a going to be a part of my official Halloween costume which I will be sharing with you guys shortly! I hope you like it! Stay tuned and Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 30

The Bird Collector

I wanted to make a Black Milk x Spookbook contest entry wearing my Birds In Paradise BF Bomber Jacket that I had gotten on Black Milk a while ago and thought creating a bird collector look would be ideal concept inspired by the print . I had made a long bird beak mask out of paper mache and painted it green like some of the birds on the jacket. I also decided to wear the wet look black leggings to create a total Black Milk outfit for this costume. To add to my bird collector concept I had gotten some crows at the dollar store and painted them into tropical birds and placed them around the set along with some old bird houses that I had found in my garage. Me and my friend Monica had found a really cool looking abandoned house which was about 20 minutes into the country. The roof on the two story house was collapsing and there was a handmade latter so I climbed up and found this spot. It was really hard to capture a good angle because there wasn't much space to move around. Then it started to rain so we decided to quickly shoot her look indoors before going. We got inspired by her Call of Napoleon Leggings and wanted to do something related to the painting. I had an old frame that I randomly brought up and she loved the idea so the concept was her coming out of the painting and into reality. 

Monday, October 27

The Walking Debt

debt2Every year I try to make it out to the zombie walk that goes on in Toronto. It's always been such a challenge to come up with a new type of zombie, but as a massive fan of Plants vs Zombies I've learned that the ideas are endless when it comes to being a zombie. This year I wanted to be a graduating student who got bitten the day of his graduation, and show some social commentary towards the Walking Dead while doing it. From debt till death do us part! Oh and there are no photos from the zombie walk this year because there was pretty much only a few zombie brides surrounded by tourists taking photos. so ya! Till next time! Can't wait to show you my official costumes coming up this week! Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 23