Friday, December 13

The Great Cold

What I'm Wearing:
Pleather Duffle Coat: Wholesale7
Pampa Sport Cuff Boots: Palladium 
Multi Pocket Backpack: Wholesale7
Tortoise Full Frames: Firmoo
Rail Slickback Jeans: RES Denim
Zinken Headphones: Urbanears

I just got this new coat and backpack both from Wholesale7 today and I absolutely love them.
This coat is pretty unique compared to some of the previous outerwear pieces that I've worn. Pleather sleeves have definitely become a massive trend that continues from season to season this year.

When it comes to eyewear I'm very picky and critical. I've been searching for right shape in frames for some time and recently found this lovely pair on Firmoo. You can't quite tell from the photos but the frames that I'm wearing are actually tortoise. I prefer tortoise over solid black because it has a unique look with a settle appearance. I'm pleased that these tortoise frames aren't as light because lighter tortoise usually gives off a tacky look unfortunately on me. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of glasses recently there is a special $30 voucher code for you special readers on my blog. It's BOBBYRAFFINBLOGS4 which can also be used 5 times on the classic series eyeglasses and is valid for two weeks from today. 

Lastly I'm finally happy to have the perfect winter boots for the season. Palladium created these awesome waterproof Pampa Sport Cuff boots in my favourite brown and olive colour. You can't quite tell from the photos because it was getting quite dark but they have such a nice mix of colours in them. You will most definitely be seeing them in future looks to come! I'm obsessed! 

That's about it for today! Thanks so much for tuning in!! All the best! -Bobby


  1. the boots!!!! are amazings!!
    here never snow :( but you look awesome!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It made my day!
    I love your blog and style so much!!! The photos are great :)

  3. I love this outfit! Men with duffle coats are always adorable and you are even more! :)

  4. this is great, respect.
    beatiful pics and great sinse of style.
    love the blog.
    special i like the bag on this pictures.

    greetings, nils

  5. Aaaa...i love this bike! I want it :)
    About the look - nice and correct.

  6. nice jacket!


  7. Awesome outfit
    just loved the pics
    <3 Good job

  8. Ugh WHY must the shipping for the Wholesale7 bag be so expensive?? I love it!

  9. Hey Bobby is this backpack made well? I'm really thinking about getting one for myself! Also, does it have enough room for a DSLR?

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