Monday, September 3

Bluenotes x Osheaga

When it comes to being seen at a music fesitval the pressure is on to stand out from the rest of the crowd.
Even though the main point of festivals is the music, fashion has become a big impact on festival culture and it can influence upcoming trends for future fashion seasons. This is why I was happy to partner up with Bluenotes and style their clothing at Osheaga.

One of the biggest trends right now in menswear is the side stripe on pants and I was happy to show them off on my day 1 outfit. I even found a matching shirt with a side stripe that completed my look. I also wore a classic bandana around my neck to bring out the red in the stripes of my outfit. It is always smart to pack extra bandanas just in case someone from your festival tribe needs a final touch for their look. (So you know if I’m your friend I’ve got your back)
I was really thrilled when I spotted that Bluenotes carries Dickies and so I rocked one of their classic graphic long sleeve shirts during day 2 of the festival. It was also nice to have an extra layer tied around my waist in case it got cooler after sunset. I also wore classic Bluenotes jeans. These classic skinny fit jeans are easy to style because they go with anything and they create an effortless look. I was even able to style a whole new outfit just by throwing a denim jacket over top. Lastly I accessorized with a signature bandana and a black cap.
Day 3 I wore a cactus printed short sleeve button up with my classic blue jeans, as I mentioned earlier they pretty much go with every outfit so it styled perfectly with this top. The final touch included jewel stick ons. It wouldn’t be a complete festival look without them.
Knowing me I had to squeeze in a fourth outfit by sundown and this pullover hoodie was the perfect “rockstar” look for Post Malone.It was fun to coordinate Bluenotes outfits with my bestie and I feel like we put together some great festival looks. Overall I was really happy with my outfits and my experience at Osheaga


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