Monday, July 9

Armani Fragrances

One for Him. One for her. A scent that's addictive, playful & magnetic. I got to try Emporio Armani's duo fragrance set of Stronger With You & Because It's You. Two different yet complimenting fragrances created to share with someone you love. 

Stronger With You includes: tender sage, pepper & cardamom, vanilla & chestnut. 
Because Of You includes: vanilla & musk, raspberry & neroli, and rose.

see below for more Armani fragrances.

Giorgio Armani recently launched a new cologne to add onto their Acqua Di Giò collection called Absolu and it instantly became one of my new favourite colognes.

I've been wearing it to work and fashion events, and I've been surprised by the amount of compliments and questions about that fragrance which I've been wearing. 

The aroma that the cologne unfolds is infused with patchouli, laced with sparkling grapefruit, and complemented with warm & ambery woods at the base to release a new marine freshness that is perfect for the Summer.


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