Friday, November 24

Four Seasons Holiday Getaway

If you're looking for the perfect holiday getaway the Four Seasons hotel in Toronto is the perfect relaxing retreat. 

When I first walked into the premiere room I was instantly impressed by the spacious and relaxing design. The settle decor and matching artwork creates a soft dreamy feel to the room. As someone who I really admires interior design, I found myself fascinated by the selected artwork and wall accents. One of my favourite features of the room would have to be the crescent-shaped sofa that's ideally designed for intimate conversation. 

When it comes to hotels, having a nice bathroom with the perfect lighting is something I find at the top of my priority list.  -and what more could you ask for than having a TV hidden in the mirror?
The Dream bathroom with spacious counters and granite interior is really luxury at it's finest.

The floor-to-ceiling windows showing the view of downtown Toronto really makes a site to see especially during the night. Since these rooms are located high up on the 10th to 21st floors the downtown noise wasn't a disturbance in the slightest -even on a Friday night when the city becomes more lively. 

A night wouldn't be more complete without a quick visit to the spa where a sunlit indoor relaxation pool and hot tub adjoins to an outdoor terrance overlooking the city of Toronto.

Lastly, I must mention that the concierge team was very professional and welcoming upon our arrival and offered to help us with transportation later in the night. Below are more photos from my relaxing getaway and breakfast at Café Bouloud. Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!~


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