Monday, December 4

My Top 10 Holiday Gifts (that I want but most likely won't be getting this year)

I don't normally make a Christmas list but I thought why not do a few cliché things this year considering most else is muted and untraditional.

Let's get real- I simply wanted to share some of the things that have been in my radar in a non-sponsored post.  because if you like my taste then maybe you can get some of these for yourself or for some other handsome fella in your life. 

Even though I've been a really good boy this year, I most likely won't be getting any of these for Christmas because I've got some bills to pay which unfortunately should come first. So on that very positive note let's get started!!! 

Numero Uno:

Every time I go into the Bay or Nordstrom I desperately spay myself with Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille because it's the most attractive scent imaginable. Even though that bottle would look really sophisticated on my dresser, let's face it! A sample is all I'm taking home with me.

If you know me well then you know I'm NOT a shoe person, but I can't help but go weak in the knees for these. JF London creates some of the most unique and daring shoes but I especially enjoy the Ross 99 and 44. These shoes scream "I like balls and I want the world to know."

I've been longing for the perfect adventurous looking duffle to brave the dreaded walk to the gym.
I also could see myself wearing this bag for a weekend getaway or if I ever go back to the Sahara Desert. Made with high quality full grain cow leather these bags are way cheaper than high street prices. What makes this a great Christmas gift is that you can add personalized embroidery to make it a special one of a kind bag. -and for every bag sold this company also donates $1.50 to the Frank Water Charity.

HP just created this sprocket that could easily fit in your pocket. Wouldn't it be nice to print off some of those cheeky snapchat screenshots? We often capture the most candid and memorable times on our phones, and having a portable printer at your fingertips is a brilliant idea to keep them vivid for our friends and family to see.

Why is it that I live in Canada and I've never prioritized myself to buy an actual winter jacket? oh that's right because I went to fashion school where rolling into class with sweatpants was a crime.
I have a jacket that looks warm  but it's a lie and I'm miserably cold. Wouldn't it be nice to finally be warm while waiting in the biting harsh snowstorms. A Canada Goose Jacket is built for extreme weather conditions -well, what we call normal weather conditions here.

6. Tsuro 
The game of path
A board game that I don't actually suck at! Northings worse than going to a house party and forcefully having to play cards against humanity (the most basic of all games) with a bunch of strangers to find out that you're really not that funny! You can play Tsuro brainlessly or strategically and it becomes appropriate when some people are more socially distracted like at parties. What I find fascinating about this game is that all the pieces somehow always connect. How beautiful is that?
I wanted to put something realistic on my Christmas list that I actually might end up buying myself.
I can be quite particular with what shampoo that works with my thick hair. I find this one strips all gunky hair product and leaves a very fresh scent. Even though this is a men's shampoo, my sister mentioned how much she loves the smell of it and couldn't resit to help use it all up. I'll probably end up buying one for her as a gift so she doesn't steal mine again. Good thing she doesn't read my blog.

Wouldn't it be nice to see this year? I think giving vision is always the most concerning and loving gift you could give. Getting a trendy pair from Warby Parker would be pretty cool. They've got some new colours and semi-rimless frames which would look pretty damn sophisticated rolling into the Near Year. 

9. A Drone
If you haven't caught on... "It's the year of the done!!" and the saddest part is even children and dogs might own one before I do. Aerial photography is making it's way into the market and wouldn't it also be nice to find a new way to spy on your neighbours?

Who else thinks the ultimate Christmas gift to wrap a box to find out you're going on a flight to ______(fill in the blank)!! I really do think it would be the best Christmas surprise and also sorta romantic. Now you know all the top 10 ways to win me over this Christmas. Something out there that you really like and want to share? Drop it in the comments below and I'll be sure to check it out! Happy Holidays everyone and stay warm!! -Bobby


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