Thursday, June 1

Party on the Catamaran!

 It's a bit of an early Canadian pride celebration today on the blog! Canada day is exactly one month away and can't believe that it's Canada's 150th Birthday. So this year we have to make the celebration one to remember! I got this awesome Canadian conceptual shirt over at Bluenotes which was designed to celebrate Canada 150. This logo was composed with a series of diamonds arranged in the shape of a Canadian maple leaf. The total number of diamonds represents the 10 provinces and 3 territories united as one country. They have this awesome design on different shirts and sweaters in the select colours of your choice. I specifically like the white tee with red to match my minimal look. I also look forward to sharing more Canada day pride with you later this month!

I can easily say that partying on the catamaran was the highlight of my trip this time in Cancun. Although an open bar while snorkelling left a larger portion of it's passengers puking in the ocean, I'm glad to say that I've got a strong stomach with a craving for many cerveza refills. I really didn't know what I was getting myself into but I just went with the flow. We got to see an underwater museum while swimming with the brave fish and an opportunity to try mini parasailing. Below are some photos of that and one of me swimming like a dog. It was such a freeing experience to just be one with the wind. We spent the rest of the ride back dancing like foods on the top of the boat while listening to some Spanish top 40. The evidence of that happening was only seen on my insta story. Thanks for stopping by for a virtual ride on the catamaran! More pictures of my bad tan will be uploaded soon! Hasta luego! -Bobby


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