Wednesday, May 31

Experience Xenses

During my trip to Cancun it was so nice to visit the Xenses park once again. I had first visited the park when it had first opened and so it's been great to see some more updates and new installations. As someone who admires and appreciates art, there is an abundance of unique and creative detail that it's hard to absorb everything in at once. There are so many little details around every corner of the park which really makes you use your brain to take in the concept. It's a great balance of being adventurous and admiring art all in one place. Some attractions include a zip-line inspired by in flight of a bird, a water slide, a relaxing river, and a mud river. The Xensatorium takes you through a journey while walking through distinctive environments such as a  desert, mountain, forest, jungle and cave. While being restricted from seeing during this adventure it allows all of your other senses to be heightened. It was really different to let my nose figure out where I was and using my hands while feeling the textures to guide me through the journey. What I liked most was noticing the progressive shift between each place and it's temperature change. If you are planning on going to Cancun, or the  Riviera Maya I really recommend seeing this park because there is nothing like it. If you want to know more about the other attractions they have you can check it out on their website. Thanks for stopping by! More adventures in Cancun will be posted soon! Till next time! -Bobby


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  6. Wow, seems like you really had a lot of fun. Such a beautiful place, i totally need to visit Xenses someday, I bet it could be the most amazing traveling experiences in my life! Thanks a lot for sharing, you are amazing!

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