Sunday, May 14

Sporty to Casual

One of my favourite products that I've been using lately are the latest Q16 soundPEATS wireless earbuds which I've been syncing through bluetooth on my phone. I've been into making monthly playlists that keep me inspired and motivated, especially for on my way to the gym and during my workouts. These earbuds are ideal for anyone and especially for someone with an active lifestyle. The most annoying thing about wearing headphones at the gym is when they get caught on the equipment and tear right out of your ears, and in a recent situation I even broke a pair that way. While being at the gym you need the most of your range of motion and with these headphones they give you the freedom to preform and not feel restricted during your routine. Although I was quite skeptical about trying wireless earbuds, I was really impressed by the bluetooth connection and how stable they were even from a distance from my phone. The overall design are quite comfortable and very easy to use. I was thinking it would also be a good idea to share the earbuds(separating the earbuds and each putting one in our ears) with a friend or gym partner. You can get your SoundPEATS on amazon.

My second outfit after leaving the gym is inspired by the Bonobos website. Their idea of Spring includes bright colours and lighter layers. I've been wearing my bright peach tank top and pink button up with some of my favourite pants. It's still been a bit chilly some days and so it's all about rocking the right pants while keeping it light and breezy. Check out their men's clothing for some inspiration for your own look. I also love this awesome flamingo shirt on their website which would have been perfect for my trip to Mexico in a few days. Speaking of, I should really start packing! Till next time and thanks for stopping by! -Bobby


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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby