Friday, December 2

Winter Warmth ft. Bluenotes Holiday Favourites

Now that it's December I suppose it's a little more appropriate for me to be posting Christmas content even though I've secretly been in the holiday spirit since three weeks ago. I'm not normally one that wears a lot of red but during this time of year I try to make a bit of a shift in my seasonal colour palette. Even if it's just a little bit of red to pop out underneath a cardigan -it's creating a very festive vibe! I've been looking everywhere for the perfect flannel and I got mine over at Bluenotes along with the rest of my outfit. This parka has become quite the outfit life saver, as it can  be casually thrown on overtop of any outfit without ruining a look. We've all been there when we've spent a time to coordinate an outfit that we are really proud of, and then have to cover it all up with a winter coat. It's also been quite the struggle dressing up when the weather has been quite unpredictable. Being one of my favourite and modest greens, this makes it even easier to combine with the rest of my wardrobe. It definitely becomes a staple piece on my rack. Happy holidays everyone and have a wonderful weekend! -Bobby #mybluenotes #itsparkatime


  1. Where was this shot? Great location! Plus, love the clothes...


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  3. I love your picture and your feed!

  4. Love this! Awesome outfit and awesome photos! Check out The Idle Man for street style or check out our guide to winter fashion

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