Sunday, December 4

Into the fog/ Levi's x Bluenotes

Hey guys! I'm back with another post! So soon right? I'm probably going to be posting a lot more holiday content because I've been really inspired lately. It's been one crazy year and I haven't had as much free time to blog but I've been trying to make more of an effort to share my life with you. It's not often I catch the fog but it was at the perfect timing when my family and I were driving into the country. I couldn't pass it up such an amazing opportunity to take pictures with such a beautiful view! -and it was even more magical when I spotted a field of birds to interrupt :p Today's blog post is to share the big news that you can now buy Levi's jeans at Bluenotes!!! The pair that I'm wearing is the 511 modern slim fit in the rinse wash. They are a classic pair of jeans with the most perfect fit so if you need a new pair of jeans for the new year check them out! I'll be getting many wears with them. Hope you have a good week!! Talk to you soon! -Bobby #LiveinLevis #myBluenotes


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