Sunday, December 25

Sleighin' it

This year has been a pretty amazing Christmas so far. I've had a lot of free time to hangout with friends, and see my family more often than I usually do. One of the things I enjoyed doing the most this time of year is going out on many outdoor adventures in the snow. I was strolling through Riverside Park a few days ago when we found this giant sleigh which I thought would be the perfect place to take some more holiday photos. The sweaters are from the Crazy Christmas Sweater Collection over at Bluenotes. I really like the style of the sweater that I'm wearing because it has a cute hood. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, staying warm, sharing, laughing and making the most of what life gives you. Boxing day is tomorrow and I've got a few last things to buy if there are good sales. Till next time! Sending you lots of love! -Bobby


  1. Beautiful photos, Merry Christmas

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