Thursday, December 22

Bluenotes x Christmas Market with the gang

Last week a group of friends and I took a trip to the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District. The night before I wished for snow, and then a blizzard arrives. It did feel as if we were inside of a snow globe. Even though it was pretty cold we were having fun running around looking at all the cool holiday set ups. It's really a cool place and I really recommend checking it out if you are in the Toronto area and want to get into the holiday spirit. It was actually my first year checking out the holiday market and I'm really glad I was able to explore the most of it. We wanted to take some fun winter pics before all the Christmas hype was over. All of the outfits in these photos are styled with some of the newest holiday arrivals from Bluenotes including my friends. I'm wearing the heavy weight cardigan in the colour cream, from their party section paired with my favourite modern slim levi's jeans also available at Bluenotes. I also can't wait to get my hands on a pair of the levi's twill pants in the colour olive. They have the most perfect fit and to have them in my favourite colour would be even more amazing. I found this knitted scarf and apparently it was the last one in the store and so of course it had to be mine. I love how it creates a classic winter look just by adding one simple accessory. I've actually been throwing it on with all of my winter outfits and more to come! Special thanks to my friends Kat, Daniel, Kyle and Thai for an amazing day to remember. Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by! -Bobby


  1. Beautiful style!Perfect pictures:-)

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