Tuesday, September 30

When Art comes to life

paint 12
This weekend I had one of the most exciting and unreal experiences to have come my way. I teamed up with Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply to be painted by the one and only incredible artist Alexa Meade at the Hudson's Bay right downtown Toronto last friday. I wasn't sure what to expect because I haven't once posed for live painting let alone be painted into one! but after my experience I can be sure to say it was quite relaxing to say the least. I'll have to admit I was a little nervous and intimated to be in the window with a lot of attention on me, but then I realized it was more anonymous and I became one with the painting and artistic concept. In a way I became the wallflower that I am with all of it's perks. One of my favourite parts was looking out of the window and seeing all reactions from people walking by, especially when I startled a few people. I learned a lot about the deeper conceptual message behind Alexa's art when talking to her during the painting process. I find it fascinating that her art can be photographed from many angles and poses to create infinite possibilities of different paintings. This experience is completely priceless to me and these images will always be something that I will cherish for ever. I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by and for showing your support. I was completely surprised by some people that came by and hold it close to my heart. Thanks a lot for reading my blog today. I took way too many photos that I'm thinking of making a second blog post to share more photos of this day. To be continued... Warmest wishes, Bobby Raffin
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  1. WOW!


    1. man you're amazing. this is spectacular
      I have a new total look sport with my new sneakers!!!!!


  2. Wow this is so amazing! On the first picutre I thought it's really painted and not a photo! Great work! :)
    (and sorry for my bad english :D)

    Greetings from Germany,
    Jasmin from nimsajx.blogspot.de

  3. Wow Incredible Bobby !!!!! nice pics.



  4. This is amazing, woah! Thank YOU for sharing this with us, and I hope you'll be able to experience more amazing things in the future. X

  5. WOW !! AMAZING !!


  6. Absolutely AMAZING!

  7. This is sooo amazing Bobby!! I wish I was in Toronto to see this in person! I could only imagine how exciting this was for you. Alexa made you guys look incredible. This experience is one like no other. So much mind-blowing creativity & talent.

  8. woah! This is beyond amazing, please frame this!


  9. I seriously thought the first picture was just a painting and that you were not real.......... sounds like such an amazing project to be a part of!
    mortem blonde

  10. omg!
    i'm speechless!
    wonderful event!
    great possibility to be a part of it!
    you look like a piece of art, a true masterpiece!
    i'm absolutely amazed by this!


  11. wow, when i saw the first picture i tought it was a paint. or something,
    seems so surrealism, Im glad for you, i hope you enjoy that experience.
    its realy amazing her work. *no words*
    Hugs !

  12. Love it <3
    Great.nice job!!
    Best wishes, R


  13. Whoa! That is so cool!!!!

  14. This is amazing Bobby!!
    Just wanted to see if you have received our email regarding an collaboration with Fashion Brand Reiss,
    We would love to hear back from you!
    Cheers from the team @ www.shoppinglinks.com

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