Thursday, September 25

The city from my point of view.

As some of you know I've moved back to Guelph after my three month trip in Mexico so that I could spend time with my family and straighten out some things that I've been running from. Coming back home was quite gloomy while most of my friends had moved away and I felt quite distant with having any social life. It also didn't help that I was trying to live cellphone free, but things turned quite pleasant after some time. After getting myself out of debt with a part time job I've been starting to save for something that I've always wanted and thought of most days of my life. A lot of the negative thoughts have been fading and have been replaced with a positive outlook on life. While being in the fashion industry a lot of people have been questioning my lifestyle and why the heck I've been living here in Guelph, because all of the opportunities are in Toronto. To be quite honest I prefer the feeling of a small city like Guelph because I like the idea of smiling at strangers without receiving a cold shoulder and having a higher chance of running into someone that you may know. There are certainly more reasons than that, but you'll have to just find out for yourself. Well here are some photographs that I've taken while living here and I'll also be writing a bit about my favourite hot spots.
city12This is a photograph at the top of the hill on Eramosa when entering downtown. I like it because you can see the Church of Our Lady in the distance. I pretty much see this exact view most days so I thought why not share it with everyone who hasn't been here.city14city11I recently had a visit to one of my favourite restaurant called Wimpy's for a late breakfast. I like it because it has a casual vibe with a retro interior. They had recently redone it so everything looks quite dazzling and new.city9city10So right now, during the month os September twelve pianos were placed downtown Guelph for our community to enjoy. The idea of this was quite brilliant while bringing people out of their shells to play what ever songs they may know to the public. After all is quite difficult to bring a piano this size in the open so it's also a great opportunity and a new feel when playing an instrument. I also may have been to shy to bring my keyboard out to play some songs on the streets but having a piano at my convenience it had given me the extra courage to take the chance and play on the streets.city8city3city6city7Downtown is full of unique hole-in-the-wall shops that you'll have to see for yourself if you ever end up taking a visit. The nightlife isn't very exciting compared to a big city like Toronto but we still have our fun. I occasionally go to a place called the Albion with a couple of my friends on a Thursday night. Now that the university students are back this fall the frisky first years make going out less desirable. There is also a new Mix Tape Thursdays with Madam D and her music mix is always impressive and enjoyable for everyone. There are many unique trivia nights on week day nights that are pretty entertaining and low key to hangout with friends. There is also sex bingo on sunday nights at NV Lounge which is quite hilarious to say the least. I recently heard about 19 cents wings at Bobby O'Briens also on Thursdays after 8 or 9 pm, and you can't go wrong with a price like that! So that's another new reason to love going out that night.city16city1city13city4city5Alright that's about it about my city! Now I want to hear about yours! It would be cool to hear from you in the comments below and if you make a post about your city please send me a link so I can write you a comment! Who knows, if I end up like was I see I may even have to visit! There is also a new exciting contest going on right now with BANK Fashion where you can instagram a photo of your favourite city hot spot and win a city break worth up to £1000! Don't forget to use the hashtag #CityRefresh and check out the Bank Fashion website for more details! That's about it for today. I've squeezed enough inside scoup about my life for one month!ahha Till next time! Warmest wishes, Bobby Raffin


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    1. I read the article that was very informative and interesting about they are telling us that men's fashion collection. Same as pay to do my class giving opportunity for the students to get online for them.

  2. super cool as usual !!

  3. what a rad place! i would love to go there and visit. hopefully i can in the future. love your outfits as well.

  4. U r heating Guelph up!!! IT's Sizzzzlin over there!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  5. you're amazing man
    I have a new total look sport with my new sneakers!!!!!



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