Wednesday, October 1

Garden Party

garden 1
What I'm Wearing:
Blazer: YesStyle
Floral Tie: American Eagle
Dark Jeans: Ambig Clothing
Leather Belt: Mission Belt
garden 5garden 4garden 2garden 3garden 6


  1. You look amazing! That tie is super awesome! X

  2. Hey Bobby,

    once again, a very simple but astonishing look, since you've mixed elegance with casualty wearing your hat and jeans! I like such looks!
    Have a beautiful day and hopefully soon an awesome weekend!

    All the best

  3. cute puppy!

  4. great look
    and ur puppy is uber cute

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  5. I like this look!
    I'm in love with your blazer, it's perfect!!


  6. <3333 amazing look
    love it

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