Sunday, September 14

Save the date

date 7
What I'm Wearing:
Wine Fitted Blazer: Wholesale7
Romantic Button Up: Wholesale7
Now that Fall is here I've been bringing out more longs sleeves and heavy knits that have been packed away. My favourite colours to wear for this season range from wine and rust to olive and safari green. I've already organized a full rack of some of my favourite pieces that I can't wait to share with you guys. Lately I've been looking for a fitted blazer that I can wear for the chilly romantic evenings for the Fall season. I recently came across this wine fitted blazer on Wholesale7 for a reasonable price and was very surprised at the quality, fit and unique detail. It's perfect for business meetings in the morning to going on dates in the evening. I actually feel more confident wearing this one so I'll be sure to wear it many times. I also got this hearts and kisses printed button up along with the blazer. I have to mention that it fits quite snug so I recommend going up a size or even two. I usually wear mens size small for button up shirts and I got a large thinking ahead and it was even a little snug around certain areas, so I would recommend getting an XL if you're the same fit as me. I originally thought it would be the most perfect shirt to save for Valentine's day but also felt in the right mood to wear it right away too. Now all I need are some roses...


  1. this shirt looks absolutely gorgeous on you


  2. Classy look!

    Have a great week :)

  3. Such an amazing look! I want that burgundy blazer, it's great xx

  4. you're looking amazing as always! loving the colour of the blazer! :)

    Metallic Paws

  5. great look! I love the colors :)

  6. great!

  7. I love the maroon blazer combo!!!

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  9. cool blazer !!

  10. I loved that Blazer *w* i love marron.
    and your shirt is absolutely gorgeous

  11. That blazer is great! very classic but unique! Please check out Pilkington's Purls Of Style!

  12. WOW !! cool style

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