Wednesday, September 17

All we have is the moment.

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What I'm Wearing:
Plaid Long Sleeve: Steve Alan (East Dane)
Waterproof Boots: Palladium Boots
Taupe Trousers: Ambig Clothing
Sometimes it becomes really easy for us to forget where we came from; while getting caught up in unnecessary things that take over what really matters. Sometimes we forget that it's the only thing that we have... and that's the very moment in time. Looking around I'm sure some of us can whiteness someone comparing their lives to someone else's and creating negative thoughts from it, while loosing touch of what is around us. The beauty of the life that surrounds us has an infinite option of possibilities and the things we forget to appreciate. I try not to look back and fret over my past, and try not to worry about what the future holds.. I just think about the moment.. the very moment that I have. While taking a deep breath and thinking only of that very moment. So much is going on, so much beauty that life has to offer. Most importantly being thankful for the breath that keeps us alive and everything that I am today.


  1. Amazing writing and cool photos! I love this post!


  2. these pics are really beautiful. you are fantastic man
    I hope you like my new look in the spanish coast

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  3. Beautiful scenery!

  4. wow!! amazing place!!! <3 fantastic outfit :)

  5. Beautiful photos and words :) I just think it this way too, so it's like reading what I'd write!

  6. nice post!

  7. Beautiful outfit and pictures! Where's this place? It's stunning! =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  8. Nice shirt and beautiful photos. Thanks so much for your visit and comment.

  9. This is such a beautiful post!!!!!!!! Made my night. I love the combination of breathtaking nature and awesome fall style <3
    Rock on Bobby!

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  11. PERFECT !!

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