Wednesday, September 10

Climate Change

fallish 1
What I'm Wearing:
Scarf: Thrifted Fossil
Denim Jacket: Big Star
Boots: Timberland
fallish 4fallish 2fallish 3fallish 5As the days begin to get colder I had reminded myself of all my favourite fall knits that I had stored away earlier this year during Spring cleaning. I had forgotten that I had packed away a box full of scarves that I had left it in my basement. This one would have to be one of my favourite ones. I found it at a thrift store on St.Claire West back when I was living in Toronto. I didn't get much use of it so I though I'd bring it out earlier this time. I can smell the difference in the air of the start of a new season. Thinking about the new chapter in my life that I'm ready to begin.


  1. Amazing look! Love your jaket and photos xx

  2. timbs + light wash denim is always such a cool combo. thanks for stopping by my blog! huge fan of your outfits.
    mortem blonde

  3. Amazing combo ! So stylish !


  4. nice!

  5. The combo is a genius! I love knitwear!!!


  6. cool! nice photos!


  7. Great Style! Kind of sad that the summer is ending soon but fall outfit is always fun. Looking forward to the next post!

  8. <3333 awesome look !

  9. You are gorgeous!!

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