Wednesday, March 19

Toronto Fashion Week Feature 1

Highlighting: Thomas Bálint, Matière Noire, Mélissa Nepton and David Dixon
What I'm Wearing:
Mint Beanie: Lost Enterprises
Mint Button up: YesStyle
Ripped Denim: Big Star
Suede Shoes: AllSole

Above are images that I snapped from the Thomas Bálint show earlier yesterday. Note: this is just my opinion of the shows which might be different than what other reviewers think. Describing the collection in one word for me would be androgynous for their models and hair choice. It was a mixture of classic staple fall pieces and great oversized layering jackets. I felt that entire collection was wholesome and the overall colour palette had great fluidity.
Matière Noire was one of the winners from the Mercedes-Benz Start up and I absolutely loved watching this collection. I feel terrible that I didn't feature the other winner because it was actually two shows in one, but the reason I only took pictures of the first one was because I thought the pieces were more relatable to my viewers and I was in complete amazement of the overall show. From the music to the art concept I thought the show was really unique compared to some of the traditional fashion shows. There were a few models standing on platforms before the show had started for people to see while waiting which was also a delight. I liked the pieces with the graphic moons and how in the middle of the show they were standing on the platform. I even liked the hair chosen for the models!

Above are photos from the Mélissa Nepton show. I felt the collection was a bit over the place from a really short dress to a complete outerwear look. I was really interested in the large range of material choices. I really liked the oversized scarf and the lace detail from the last look seen above. The looks were really strong. What I didn't like about this show was the choice in hairstyle. I know the pieces are to speak for themselves but the hair just seemed very thrown together last minute and brought the overall look down a bit.
Lastly was the David Dixon bridal collection was was very lovely and not a completely traditional looking collection. I loved that this collection included dresses with all different types of fabrics and beautiful lace detailing. What caught my interest the most was the pieces with pants included because it's definitely something unique and would love to see come down the wedding isle as well as runway!
Above is my friend Natalie Ast and blogger in crime when it comes to fashion week here in Toronto. She is wearing an awesome Clover Canyon printed dress. Perfect outfit to start off the week. Check out her blog for more awesome photos!

Today I was going for more of a simple spring outfit to start off Toronto Fashion Week. I wanted to combine my favourite spring colours mint and light denim together. I was very lucky enough to catch 4 awesome shows in 1 day! Today is going to be even crazier because I'm going to attend even more. If you're there come and say HI! I won't be getting much sleep this week. Thanks for stopping by! Much love, Bobby


  1. Perfect, like always

  2. great!
    you looks perfect!

  3. nice!

  4. great look, dear <3 :)

  5. Amazing outfits !!!
    Nice Fashion week


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  6. like your beanie!!

  7. amazing look!

  8. I love this minimal look Bobby! The pastel green shirt <3 xx

  9. great look bobby !! i love mint shirt ^^

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  13. Amazing pieces! I love that mint color on you :)


  14. Nice... I believe I saw you yesterday at #WMCFC ;)

  15. Nice Casual Look


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