Monday, March 24

Toronto Fashion Week Outfit 2: Coach

Shows: Christopher Bates, Outclass, Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh, Mackage
What I'm Wearing:
Leather Baseball Jacket: Coach
Denim Shirt: Cult of Individuality
Armani Jeans: Menlook
Bracelet: Pandora

Christopher Bates Fall 2014 collection had some very classic looking menswear pieces that were right on spot for what menswear trends should be for the season. I loved the colour combinations to the designs of the jackets. Coincidentally I was wearing similar colours to the photos above.
This collection by Outclass made me wish fall fashion was around the corner again. I absolutely loved the choice of plaids and colours and most of all the layering.  Most outfits were styled with very trendy hats and scarves as well. 
Pink Tartan had some really inventive and interesting pieces this season. One of my favourites that I spotted was the fur backpack as seen above. I would love to get one for my own. Some of the sunglasses were also really unusual but of course I was really intrigued by them.

The Joe Fresh show started off with some signature orange pieces and ranged through a wide fall colour pallet from olives and navy blues. I loved some of the menswear jackets and scarves. The jackets seem to look oversized which will most definitely keep in the warmth. At the show I was also given a Joe Fresh beanie which I'm really excited to wear!

Lastly is the Mackage show which was quite the performance collection. The show started with Fall's leaves scattered across the runway with some classic fall pieces and halfway through the show had two models sweep the leaves to the side while transitioning the mood to winter. Above are some of the ending pieces of the winter pieces. The quilted jackets and fur hats were seen of most of the models.

Today was probably my most busiest day at Fashion week. I had recently gotten this new leather baseball jacket from Coach and thought it would be the most perfect thing to wear this fashion week. I'm completely obsessed with the detailing and also very surprised how perfect the fit is. This is definitely my newest favourite jacket which I'll be wearing way more often than I should! Its perfect for fashion events and can also be styled down for a night out with some friends at the local pub. There are also many hidden pocket which can hold a lot of things. I was able to fit all that I needed for the entire day with just these pockets. It started to rain and I was quite worried to get it wet but fortunately due to the high quality type of leather the jacket wasn't stained or damaged. That's about it for today! Thanks for stopping by! More photos will be coming soon! -Bobby


  1. Awesome look ! xx

  2. this is cool look. I like how you paired your shirt and jacket

  3. Tres cool! Love the bomber jacket, great post dude!!

  4. I love your outfit!!!

  5. you're amazing man


  6. Love your look! I love how well you dressed up a casual-looking leather jacket! Great reviews of the shows and you look handsome, per usual! xx

    <(") Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  7. Bobby you look so awesome <3 it looks so cold, here I'm dying of hot :( hahhaa

  8. Awesome look and pics!

  9. The only thing that I would recommend is that the sleeves are removable, so if you plan on wearing it, you may want to get it sewed on to avoid them from moving out of place.

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