Friday, January 3

Route 119

What I'm Wearing:
Pokemon Tank Top: Shelfies
Tortoise Frames: GlassesShop

I recently stumbled upon this website called Shelfies which has some of the most outrageous and original sweaters that I've ever seen. The one's that caught my interest the most were the Pokemon printed items! I had no choice but to get both the Pokemon Sweater and the Route 119 tank top. If you're a Pokefanatic I highly recommend these items for you too! Have an awesome weekend! With love, Bobby


  1. oohh! Pok√©mon! ♥


  2. I loved Pokemon and I fell in love with it when I saw your look today!
    Greetz, Flo

  3. Pretty cool look.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. hi! nice blog!
    follow to follow?
    let me know!!

  5. Thanks for the photoshoot Bobby! Love how it turned out :)


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