Wednesday, January 15


What I'm Wearing:
Forest Sweater: Wholesale7
Outlaw Denim Jacket: Glamour Kills Clothing
Fedora: Pull and Bear
Leather Belt: Electric Visual
Slim Fit Jeans: Big Star USA
Adventure Boots: Palladium

A picture with the Aztec Calendar.
On the left is a sculpture of Tlaloc, the God of the rain in ancient times in Mexico, and on the right is a sculpture of Chapultepec which also means the Grasshopper's mountain. 
On the left is a statue that looks like it's twerking, I just thought it was funny haha. On the right is Disco de la Muerte from the Teotihuacan culture.
During my adventure in Mexico City I was able to visit the National Museum of Anthropology. There was an overload of things things to see. I wanted to share some of my favourites with you guys! Hope you like them!


  1. The pics are awesome! Would love to go there... The pic of the statue that looks like it's twerking is so funny!! Amazing style !

  2. your style is freaking awesome!!!

  3. Lovely outfit, you blend in to the scenery! I find your style very cool!

  4. AMAZING look very sexy and stylish :) and Im happy to follow ya.

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    have a fab day

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