Sunday, January 12


What I'm Wearing:
 Skull and Lace Dress Shirt: Wholesale7
Antioch Tortoise Frames: GlassesShop

I recently came across this unique skull laced dress shirt from Wholesale7 and was completely amazed by the quality and detail. I've worn it many times since I've got it and received surprising amounts of comments. Paired with black jeans and suspenders to create a classic look. Also featured are these Antioch tortoise frames from GlassesShop. The fit of the frames is very perfect and I'm also really impressed with the quality and service. For 45% off you can also use coupon code GStumblr


  1. Oh my god that shirt is amazing! I love it and how you combined everything together is just WOW! You are the best xx

  2. A bit like the frontsinger of fun. Great black & white style. xx

  3. Oh my lanta, Bobby, you look so classy! What a total stud. Love the shirt. Was this a nye look?

    Love, Minda

  4. love your shirt!!


  5. wonderful!

  6. great pictures!!! love your shirt

  7. Great look and styling! The photos are lovely too :)


  8. perfect look! the glasses are perfect i like it so much ;DDD

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