Friday, November 1

We ♡ Katamari

What I'm Wearing:
Katamari Ball: DIY, Headpiece: DIY, Rainbow Platforms: Jeffrey Campbell (Modified)
King's Crown: DIY, Messenger Bag: Jump from Paper, Tapers: Aeon Attire, Keychain: Animal Crossing,
Colour Block Shirt: Romwe, Stripped Pants: Queen West, Magic Robe: Thrifted

Hey guys! Here it is! My Spookbook costume is inspired by the Playstation 2 video game We Love Katamari. Many years ago I saw someone dress up as the little Prince rolling around downtown with it's ball and I thought it was the cutest idea ever! I thought maybe I would be a lot more challenging to dress up as the King of All Cosmos, but of course with my own twist! I actually only spent about 2 hours making and putting together this entire costume believe it or not! Firstly I covered this work out ball that I found abandoned on the streets with some magazines and graphics that had reminded me from the game. I wanted to add a few things that got picked up in the game such as a piano and some random cows! I thought it would pretty jokes to add a Hype sticker as the cherry on top. For the headpiece I used cardboard and rolled it into two cylinders and wrapped them in coloured tissue paper. I had this DIY King's crown that I had sitting around in my basement so I also thought it would be pretty fitting to wear. I scavenged around my closet to find an eclectic mix of flashy pieces to make my character come to life! I decided to use my vintage robe, stripped pants and colour block dress shirt. Little accessories such as my Aeon Attire taper's, Jump from Paper messenger bag and Animal Crossing keychain were another addition to make my costume characterized and cartoony. Lastly I decided to risk venturing off into the country side wearing my sky high rainbow platforms that I repainted teal over the summer. I had also modified the laces to give it an extra original look. Hope you like my Katamari inspired Halloween costume this 2013 Spookbook! With love created and brought to you by yours truly, Bobby


  1. Your spreads have really gown! Good job!

  2. Really cool ♥♥ Soo creative this post ♥♥ God Job!

  3. You are amazing and creative I love this

  4. That bag is perfect!!

  5. Super cool idea! Su funny
    Amazing Pics
    Love it

  6. you are crazy ( in a good way) ♥

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  7. interesting idea hahahaha

  8. LOVE THE COSTUME! So original*_*

  9. oohh... myyy ... goshhh.. I love it <3 Specially the shoes.

  10. hahaha that was soooo much fun!!

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