Saturday, November 2

I came in like a Wrecking Ball

Twerk or Treat, Give me something good to tweet.

All I wanted was to break your walls.
All you ever did was wreck me...

I wanted to enter the #bmspookbook and casually find a way to wear a pair of Black Milk leggings and so last minute I thought why not. -I’m Just casually twerking out on my wrecking ball like it’s no big deal! After all, It’s our house we can do what we want! I hand painted this wrecking ball and bought the chain at the dollar store. The rest of the look just randomly fell into place. I spent an hour scouting abandoned places and found this awesome Dojo that looked pretty cracked out enough to look like a Miley music video. I found a line in the bathroom and started dancing with molly. I came up in this party and I’m turnt! Well that’s a round up for this year's Halloween Fashion Week! It wouldn’t be complete with a little joke at the end! Till next time!


  1. haha best!:)

  2. LOL! You are so creative :) Miley will be proud!
    Hot leggings btw


  3. hahahahaha..... raunchy <3

  4. Hahaha you look even better than miley herself, love it! ♥ xx

  5. hahahaha, love it!

  6. HAHAHHAAHA Amazing costume! Love miley!

  7. Bobby, you are me idol! I always love your outfits, but with this costume, I discovered how funny you can be, now you are my favorite blogger!


  8. Olá, passei apenas pra dizer que já estou te seguindo e voltarei aqui futuramente pra fazer comentários sobre os posts.
    Seu blog é maravilhoso, convido você e suas leitoras a conhecer meu blog

    Quem seguir no insta, sigo de volta

  9. jajaja great bobby!!

    giveaway on my blog

  10. haha this is just brilliant!


  11. hahaha.. love it!!!
    such a huge fan of you and your style



  12. hahahahahah funny!! XDD well done!

  13. oh this is so naughty :')

  14. I love this ! Better than the original ! xx

  15. this is amazing bobby! i love it!

  16. AHAH omg so awesome!!!
    Only 24h to end the giveaway - Win 15$ Sammy Dress

  17. AHAH omg so awesome!!!
    Only 24h to end the giveaway - Win 15$ Sammy Dress

  18. This is hilarious! I love the pants and the boots

  19. HOW DID I MISS THIS? You are the best. Best thing I've ever seen on a blog ever, hands down.

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