Thursday, October 31

Toronto Zombie Walk

Bitten by the wrong bitch

Every year I like to participate in the Toronto Zombie walk and take pictures of all the other awesome costumes. This time I wasn't as prepared as I've been living out of a small suitcase, I really didn't have anything to wear,  so last minute I bought this baseball shirt from a the Black Market and put some fake blood on it. I was going for a a basic school boy / baseball player look. He had so much potential when he was alive. Captain of the baseball team. A basic boy with a basic mind. I guess he just got bitten by the wrong bitch.


  1. Omg this is so amazing! I love these costumes! Great pictures and post dear xx

  2. coool!

  3. This is great !!
    Amazing costumes and pictures !!
    I LOVE IT !!!

  4. wow, even like a dead person you look good and with style ♥

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  5. Everyone looks really scary! Here in my country, we have this thing called "Outbreak". It's a running marathon where you get chased by zombies and stuff. It's really cool!

  6. Scaryyy, love it! ♥ xx


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