Tuesday, November 12

On a Rainy Day

What I'm Wearing:
Colorful Fish Crewneck: Revolution Riche, Colorful Laces: Hickies, Headphones: Urbanears
Transparent Rain boots: Romwe, Corduroy trousers: American Apparel,
Beanie: Wasted, Pleather Biker Jacket: Thrifted

About This Outfit:
On a rainy day I thought this outfit would be perfect! I haven't given my transparent rain boots a chance and since they are water resistant I thought why not? I know that transparent is more of a summer trend but I thought that they could be the fishbowl to fish ahha, I mean after all my graphic sweater is printed with beautiful colourful fish. I was saving this amazing crewneck that I got from Revolution Riche for some time because it's incredibly warm and high quality to most of the ones I own. I think it's great that this sweater can have the option of being in thick and thin lining depending on the season. I decided to go with the thick lining and it's probably one of the warmest pullovers that I own! You should check out their site because they have many more awesome graphic designs. I saw a really cool item online a while back called Hickes which are an elastic lacing system. I thought the idea was pretty brilliant because they are easy to put, adjustable with an elastic material and really versatile and make any shoe look more unique. I decided to put them on my transparent boots to give them more of a pop while matching them with some knitted socks. Coincidentally all of the colours were tied into place. To tone down the colour pallet I chose a simple pleather biker style jacket and dark corduroys. That's about it! I hope you like my outfit! -Bobby


  1. Love this look! The sweater and the shoes are awesome

  2. I love the sweat and the vest !!

  3. Great look!


  4. That's a pair of cool transparent boots! =D

  5. You really amaze me boy! This is beyond perfect and I am so in love with your sweater xx


  6. Great outfit! I´m really in love with the shoes ;)

  7. http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com NICE HOES

  8. really cool top and shoes! the girl with you is pretty! let's keep in touch? :)


  9. Wowww!!!! It's gorgeus!! Love the boots!!


  10. omg! love the boots and the socks :)
    your style's amazing

  11. Omg, I really adore this outfit! The combination of the socks, shoes and sweater is perfect, awesome items, I love it! :)

  12. boots! so gorgeous! love this outfit!


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