Wednesday, October 30


"Just one look and you'll turn to stone!"

This year for some reason I really wanted to be Medusa for Halloween, -but of course I wanted to put my own spin on it! Why not be the guy version and call is MANdusa? I was mostly looking forward to having a challenge and creating a snake headpiece. I was really unsure of which materials I was going to use, but last minute I found some really realistic rubber snakes and had attached them to a ratchet wig that I used to use for my alter ego who had passed away. For the rest of my outfit I wanted to keep it classic and traditional, just like a stone sculpture. The most important part of this concept was the location. I found this stone head wall in my hometown and missioned all the way for the day. Just one look into the eyes of Mandusa's eyes and you will be turned to stone. In Mandusa's layer all victims are beheaded instead of itself. In these photos Mandusa had seen a glimpse of it's own reflection and is slowly turning to stone. I still left a bit of pigment in the skin but  as you can see the hands have already turned to stone! Hope you like my creation!! 


  1. The photos are amazing! Love all the photos <3
    Anyway, what is the name of the location? :)
    Thank you

  2. SOOO Cool! Love it! The pictures are amazing

  3. cool mandusa!!!

    check out my halloween costume

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. Amazing <3
    Love the pics
    super cool

  5. mandusa hahahahaha nice idea!!!

  6. looveee

    check my halloween post!!

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