Monday, October 28


It 's finally happened... the fantasy has turned to reality.

This Spookbook costume is inspired by the Final Fantasy game series. I've had this idea on my mind for a while and I'm happy to have finally created it. Ever since I was little I was into playing RPG games and what fascinated me the most was always the character designs. I can say that I've been really influenced and inspired by some of the characters in those games from my past. This costume is not a specific character but my own creation as if I were to be in the game. I am dressed as a young swordsman who is own his own journey. The medieval tunic was designed and crafted by my mom -she works in the item shop. I got these knee high boots that also give me 12+ speed. I had found the knight's helmet at an antique shop in my hometown village and this sword at a costume shop erm I should say something interesting like the top of a mountain. The rest of my outfit are all things that I selected from my daily wardrobe. Location for this shoot was also very important to me. I had traveled far and wide (into the country) to the Thunder Plains of Final Fantasy X to photograph this look. On top of everything I had to slay a couple of iron giants and nearly killed myself! Restore my HP and gimme your daily heart why don't cha? ;)


  1. Love it. Looks SPOOKTACULAR ..hehe

  2. Love this look!! The pictures are AMAZING!
    Love it!

  3. great shooting!

  4. This is awesome! Perfect costume for Halloween!

  5. I like Final Fantasy games!! My boyfriend has some figures from there :)

  6. Where is that belt pouch from? It's amazing!

  7. Super cool look and pictures!


  8. Amazing :)

    Super cool

    Love it


  9. when I read the title I remember my fvaorite game from Japan, Final Fantasy ^^;

    your outfit is resemble of it XD

  10. THIS IS PERFECTION! And your story is well-shown by the picture. GOOD JOB INDEED!


  11. Amazing outfit, you look absolutely amazing! Perfect location for the pictures as well.

  12. That is incredible!!!! Good job!! :D

  13. awesome post!!!!

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