Sunday, October 27

Strangers in the Forest

What I'm Wearing:
Oversized Sweater: Thrifted, Black Beanie: Wasted,
Black Leather Boots: Dr. Scholl's, Corduroy Pants: American Apparel,
Pax Multicross Rosary: Virgins Saints and Angels, Mask: Party

This is not my official Halloween costume. Of course like every year I like to have many Halloween inspired looks. Each day the costumes will get more intense until the day of. I hope to make one for each category. This look is inspired by a Horror Story. I found this mask a while back and was saving it to make a creepy shoot in the forest. Although I'm not wearing a costume I wanted to let the mask speak for itself. I also wanted the atmosphere of the environment to be apart of my costume as well. I found this really strange looking wooden house built up in the sky and thought it would be the perfect location to shoot this. The leather gloves were also a last minute touch to get that stranger inspired outfit. Thats about it for today's look! I hope stay tuned for the rest of my spookbook costume ideas!


  1. A little bit creepy :D

  2. Your pictures are art and I love it! So unique and every post just keeps getting better and better and I simply adore it xx

  3. cool! werewolf has come to town!

  4. OH MY WORD. This might be my favorite look by you. It's so eerie yet grungy yet AMAZING! I love everything about this. From the crazy cool fox mask to the leather gloves :) Way to go sir!

    Can't wait to see more from you!

  5. Great photos, love the fox mask!

  6. what does the fox say? great pictures, great blog

    xx m

  7. So creepy but chic! love it

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