Tuesday, January 15

I'll have fries with that.

 If you can read my pin than you'll agree that it sums up my life. ahha but actually you probably already know that I've been craving burgers since that lookbook Christmas list. So I wanted this denim Bart print button up since the day it was posted on Romwe, and was so thrilled when my friend Jennifer had sent me it! Though you've probably already seen everybody and their mom post a look wearing the bart sweater, (which I had a while back) I'm hoping that I've reinvented the trend by creating this fresh look. Another item that I recently had gotten from Romwe is this denim aztec print backpack which is pretty amazing. That's it about my outfit! There's more text below! Have a good week everyone, and don't forget to have fries with that! :D
 Here are some photos of my sister Alicia featuring the R.B. of McD wallet worn in my previous look. She had shown much interest in it, that I had to give her it, even though I love it just as much. She is also wearing a few items for sale on my online shop such as the oxford shoesorphan skirtegyptian collar, and stud block bracelets. I've been working really hard revamping and uploading new items to my shop. So be sure to check it out and get dibs of the new items! & Don't forget to hype her if you like her look! :D
Romwe had sent me a special surprise gift of these wonderful makeup brushes! I'm soo thankful for them because in college I had to take a makeup applications course and couldn't afford to buy the makeup and brush kit for the in class projects, so I had to make do by borrowing my friends which wasn't a very good idea, -anyways, I'm so thankful to have these now to practice applying makeup on others for future editorial photo shoots and other projects. aka the return of the sixteen year old dreamer dundundun!


  1. love that shirt
    both look great

    happy tuesday

  2. That Shirt is amazing! I want it so badly! And now, thanks to You i wil definitely buy it! Thanks :D


  3. Love the shirt! so cool!!



  4. Ahh I love this! Can't get enough of the Bart shirts!


  5. ♥ amaaazing !!!! I love everything !

  6. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! Excellent! I'm crazy about it.

  7. I didn't knew you had a shop! Great lay-out though, beautiful!
    And your outfit is stunning as always :) You should be a stylist

  8. So gorgeous pics! And amazing blouse :D Great shop!
    Xxx dear


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  9. Me encanta la camiseta, es genial.

  10. Hi, in my opinion your outfit is absolutely awesome, too!

    Thank you for nice comment on my blog - Rena


  11. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Thats got to be the coolest beanie ever...AND SHIRT. LOVE IT.


    -Uyen Cao

  12. Great outfit, love the shirt and rucksack! I am following you <3<3

  13. Bobby this is amazing! love the top <3

  14. Omg you are actually so freaking perfect. I love quarter pounders and dressing up! How are we so alike? This looks is just so amazing! Alicia looks so babe'n too x


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