Sunday, January 13


 On a laid back weekend I was feelin' casual and neutral. Not only is this outfit comfortable, but trendy while incorporating some of the latest and hottest products on the market. As much as I enjoy wearing ridiculous head turning ensambles, I felt most confident than the usual while wearing this. Perhaps it had something to do with my new wallet from R.B. of McD and a quote from the site "A desire to showcase the classic, the clean & the luxury that is and has always been a part of Los Angeles fashion.While matching the exact color as my beanie, this taupe grey wallet was the ideal size by perfectly fitting my iphone and all that I needed for an evening such as this. I genuinely fancy the structure of this high end leather wallet with unique hand painted golden logo as detail. The brand is indeed luxurious, sleek and makes me feel confident.
The Knock COLOUD Headphones include a microphone and remote, which work perfectly when using the iphone for calls as well as music. I love that the white matches my iphone and Boostcase attached, and coincidentally the red detail mixes well with my plaid flannel layered underneath. I couldn't agree more with a quote I read from the instructions, "The Knock feels great, is feather light and sonically packs a punch" while listening to music when editing em photos!
A sweater you may have seen on Romwe, while worn by many fashion bloggers. I finally decided to do a look wearing mine, without being the prominent feature. A sweater like this for me would be worn on a relaxing and lazy weekend. 
Once again I've chosen to wear my Big Star USA jeans which are currently my most favourite pants I own. I especially like the straight leg fit, without being too tight like my other jeans. 


  1. Great style <3

  2. The jumper and the sweater are a great match.

  3. I'm first time on your blog and I really like it!

  4. hey! have been seeing your posts and i really love your purposes!
    i hope we could follow each other!
    wish you the best for this 2013!
    loads of love!

  5. Your blog is sleek and slick!

    i am so excited to follow, and i hope you stop and follow my little blog too so we can stay in touch :)

  6. Cool look & pics! I love, love your style, dear!

    I am your follower now (with gfc & bloglovin` & facebook).
    And I will be SOO happy, if you follow me:-)



  7. I've been quite busy with classes and it's nice to see your blog whenever I have spare time :]

  8. You look crazy dude, such amazing style. I love this look that top is amazing.

  9. love your outit so amazing

    ;) Eduarda

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