Monday, December 17

¡Ay, caramba!

 Since Jeremy Scott created the Bart Simpson sweater highlighted at Fall 2012 New York Fashion, it's been quite a hot item on the market as noticed online, everyone and their mom wanted to get their hands on one. Though it's been quite a challenge to come across the real deal, (or afford it) I was able to find something similar on Romwe. I had noticed there was only 10 instock and after a few minutes of refreshing the page they had already almost sold out. Luckily I was able to get the very last one, even though I kind felt bad when my friend Ivam had mentioned that he wanted one too. A week later I noticed a few more had restocked and I was able to let him know on the dot. He actually already posted a look in his with express shipping. I loved it so much I had actually ordered a second one to give as a gift to a friend in the future, and hang on my wall for the meantime. haha My friend Jennifer Wang makes fun of me for that fact, and moreover for wearing it every night that we skype. Call me crazy, but it's way too cozy that I even slept in it a few nights. Okay I just realized I had written an entire paragraph about this sweater without intentionally doing so,lol so I should stop while I still can, (or Jenn will just make fun of me even more) Another new item is my burgundy beanie that I had got from American Apparel. Remember the Halloween contest a few months ago? Well it turned out I had won runner up place as the "Sixteen year old dreamer" which was mad jokes, so I used my prize money to buy some christmas presents for my brother, sister and even my dog! The beanie was one of the only things I really liked and it's really the perfect one this winter. Well that's about it for this outfit! Hope you like it!! Have a good week everyone!! -Bobby


  1. I swear, I am in love with your sweater!! So jealous. I want one too! Huhu. Why must I be broke everytime there's something so nice online!? D: D: I feel like I'm cursed LOL. And I think I'd wear that sweater all day, everyday. Not ashamed HAHAHA. Ahhh love ♥

  2. OMG love your sweater ♥♥♥
    and i fall in love with your blog. following you now :)

  3. I love that sweater it looks awesome!

  4. oh bobby, i really miss writting to you, you are pretty quiet these days and yeah. i miss you <3:) hah. i just want to say that you look pretty awesome and when i saw these photos on lookbook i was like: oh jeremy scott :) so cool. this is so funny how fast are thesestuff sold out, ha? can you belive that i have never bought anything in romwe? what a shame. congrats that you won that contest! your look was awesome! it took me sometime to realise that YOU are on these photos hah, firstly i thought it was your friend or something<3 i wanna skype with you too! but no, my voice is crazy and my english is mega bad hah<3.
    you are so lovely! i'm glad that you bought xmas gifts for everyone and you didn't spend it for yourself:)
    much love,



  6. Your sweater is just too cool ! xo

  7. So happy I came across your blog your probably the second male blogger ive discovered since I arrived on the blogsphere nearly a year ago, and your blog is pretty amazing! That jumper is too cool for school and I love how you styled it with the leather over the top! Ofcoarse Im now following xox

  8. I am in love with the sweater. Can I please pretty please have it? Hahah x

  9. cute sweater !! i love that sweater!!

  10. I've been searching that knit sweater since last month. I have yet got it. you are so lucky.

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