Wednesday, December 12

Indie for Breakfast.

 "Eat that up! It's good for you."
So yesterday Monica came over and we took a some pictures wearing our favourite sweaters which are also for sale on my online shop Gypsy Sale. I'm having a secret sale for those who are loyal are read my blog. You can get 20% off orders over $20 when using code "IAMCUTE" (At checkout apply promo code to the left.) I'm going to keep the sale active until I stock some new items which will probably be this weekend. I can't wait to share some of my new stuff, but for now get the last of the sweaters and goodies for a great deal! Below are some more pictures of Monica and I. Be sure to hype her look if you like it! I ordered the leggings on Romwe for her, which are perfect for the snowy winter! I also got this necklace in the mail in the morning and had to wear it right away! Hope you like our simple outfit posts! Much love! -Bobby


  1. Awesome sweaters! The bows are so cool. You guys look perfect for the cold weather. xx

  2. ob bobby, i really like your jumper. it seems so cosy, so warm and soft <3.
    i checked your shop and i really like it. i kinda regret that i don't have money now, cus i fell in love with this blue sweater which your friend wears <3.
    it's awesome,
    much love bobby <3

  3. Love your sweater. The pattern and the colors are great.

  4. What I love most about these outfits are the fact that they're so versatile. Either a male or female could definitely pull any of these outfits off. I would totally wear both! So urban chic, love it!

  5. Awesome concept and stellar sweater.

  6. You guys are such babes! Love it!

  7. You guys are so indie, it hurts. I love both of your sweaters <3

    xx maggie

  8. great looks
    i love his jumper but i fall in love her platforms

  9. Cool guy!


I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby