Friday, December 21

Last chance to #YOLO.

This is my look in tribute to the end of the world.
Yeah, that's right, I'm drinking bagged milk. (Milk comes in bags here in Canada if you didn't know that.)
Well it IS the last day to drink milk so I say "fuck it! why not drink it all!" 
a cup? I ain't got time for that! 
I might have spilled a little too much, but boy it was the best milk I've had since breast milk.


  1. rock on!!! a great way to celebrate the NOT-end of the world!

  2. Haha omg you are too amazing! I'm digging your sweater btw xx

  3. This is everything! and I am dying for your pants:D

  4. haha this is the funniest post I've read in a long time

  5. Yay for milk ! I live in Canada but my milk is usually in boxes. Hope that sip was great ! Your leggings are fabulous ! xo

  6. well bobby, i wish i could write something but these photos distract me too much </3

  7. I laughed so hard when I saw these pictures.

    YOLO! Too bad the Mayans were wrong :'( at least you looked snazzy while drinking milk out of a bag. I really enjoy your pants.

    xx maggie

  8. This outfit is stunning! The t-shirt is fabulous! You look great!

  9. You are crazy. Im such a clean freak lol.

  10. Ok...but as far as it seems you can drink it again in the future! :-)
    Funny photos!

  11. So cool!!!! Love these pictures!

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