Sunday, October 28


It was so great to attend Adrian Wu's Spring 2013 runway show taken to the red carpet back in the 1950's. The "Dystophia" collection inspired by the early years of the cold war. To set the mood of the show "I wanna be loved by you" and "Moon Rivers" were sung by a really talented singer, while live piano was being played under a disco ball. His designs are avant guard and way different from any other designer showing at Toronto fashion week. One thing I like the most is how his collections are that they are very evolutionary, as they tend to start off simple and gradually become more intense. His shows are always a work of art and definitely something to remember!

After watching the Bustle show, now I know what I'm going to be wearing for spring. I pretty much was drooling over every outfit while hoping for spring to arrive already. The colour selection was brilliant and perfectly coordinated with fresh prints. The theme was tropical safari, one of my favourites! Even though this collection was something that reminded me of what came in last spring, I stilled loved every bit of it!

And that's a recap! Hope you like the photos! -Bobby


  1. aw I didnt see you this season! hope you enjoyd it! That may or may not be my head cut off at the photog pit hahah.


    1. hey Lia!! hope you had a blast at Fashion week! The photos on your blog are fantastic as well!! <3


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