Friday, October 26


 Fashion week hits the streets of Toronto and everyone looks their best. I was a little unprepared, and had to make due with what I had packed for my longer than expected stay at my sister's place. I had nothing classy what so ever, so thankfully I was able to borrow this custom blazer that my sister handmade in fashion class. Speaking of class, when in doubt wear a bow tie and a smile (even if it's fake). Though some say wearing worn out boots is a sign of confidence, for me it was my only choice. Excuses? maybe. but it was raining, and pretending to look high end and prestigious isn't really my cup of tea. So enough about me, the spotlight of today is how proud I am of our fashion community in Toronto. Though we are so diverse, we unite when it comes to fashion, and compliment each others' style like a bouquet of flowers! See below for yourself! 
My blogger friend Natalie Ast with her mint sweater lookin cozy for fall.
With the help of her I was able to attend all the shows and take some great pictures. Thank you once again Natalie!
Bold and beautiful, here's Melissa Hwang from World of 4 with an empowering and genius colour block statement and a shag keeping warm! With the brightest use of colours she stands out in any room! Teal 4 real! I love it!
That Tunic with ribbon detail is to die for, and one of my favourite pieces worn that day. The Neutral tones are perfect!
Model Sheila Hui looking effortlessly beautiful while  rockin' a biker chic inspired fall outfit!
Busy taking pictures, it was her time to shine and be infront of the camera! I was intrigued by her bold black cat sweater, similar to some shorts I spotted on Romwe. It made me smile. Her necklace is really unique too! Loveable! Meow!
Sarah Magwood from Magwood Boutique arriving with a brilliant print on print trend forward ensamble! Beautiful neutrals with the perfect black essentials! Most importantly look closely for her inventive rhinestone part! Charming details darling!
Last and never least here comes blogger Bianca Venerayan from Kastor & Pollux arriving with a fortune telling inspired outfit! My favourite outfit of the day, I loved her turban and necklace from Magwood boutique.
Some new bloggers from Toronto Street Style Chic on their way to a show. Love their matching outfit colours.


  1. You look so daper here, loving all of your friends outfits x

  2. Great looks!
    Love the cat sweater

  3. amazing as always! you guys all are so inspiring and lookin fab <3

  4. The color blocking in the sweater is so perfect Bobby! :D

  5. love your sweater so much! ♥

  6. You look fab! And so do your friends ;) Love your header!

    X Sabrina

  7. omg, i do love this story :D you are so funny :) even if these clothes weren't yours, it looks very good. very classy and YOU :). totally love this look. i have never been on any fashion week and i'm curious how it looks like. i only see photos in the net. these people in your post look awesome and very stylish. love this cat-sweater. aw

  8. hey! I'm the girl in the kitty sweater haha! great pictures!! you guys are in mine too:)

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