Monday, October 29


 Hey readers! Here's my first Halloween look inspired by "The Walking Dead" tv series. Have you guys been watching the new series? As you know, this isn't my official Halloween costume, but something to begin with because for me it's more like Halloween week! haHA! It was the Zombie Walk here in Toronto, and as tradition, I wanted to dress as a survivor who got infected. Creating this costume is very simple, everything I'm wearing is from a thrift store. I made some fake blood and got dragged in the mud for the realness effect. Yeah I'm a bit crazy but it was fun! As my favourite time of the year I get so inspired easily and have way too many ideas! So I'll do a couple of different halloween photo shoots to share the inspiration and costumes that I've been working on. I'll do my best to touch base with the different categories such as funny, creative and inspiring if possible. It was such an awesome day to see all the different zombie types. There were some awesome costumes that's for sure! See below for yourself! and stay tuned for more! -Bobby

Even Loonette the Clown is a Zombie! haha

Photos of me by Camila Cediel, Photos of Zombies by me.


  1. I had to come here to see more of those zombies.. I love your expression, and in general all the people.. I died with the dog!
    I've always wanted to go to a zombie walk, but school always keep me super-busy at this time of the year

    Marie Lú

  2. wooow they look so scary :D i like your costume and especially the 2nd picture from below :) very lovely

  3. aaa this is so good that I will let you kill me :D

  4. I love The Walking Dead! your outfit looks awesome!

  5. fantastic photos! and magic situation!

  6. Wow I am pretty scared right now. Such fantastic costumes. I love how American people really get into Halloween, fecking sucks over here across the pond.

  7. Thanks so much for the comment :) love this scary outfit :)

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  8. great blog! wonderful climate pictures<3 :) Thanks and best regards

  9. Wow amazing pictures, it must have been fun. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Let me know if you would like to follow each other :)

  10. Such a stylish zombie costume and the zombie walk sounds fun! :)

  11. I love halloween and that style MORE THAN EVERYTHING your blog is great ...maybe we can follow each other from GFC and Bloglovin? I'm an Italian Fashion blogger :D
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  12. Omg your look is amazing! Everyone is a stylish zombie! xx

  13. this look is very awesome, but it doesn't remind me of halloween- sorry. it's not that scary, you know what i mean? i can't wait for the other one! i bet you are going to look awesome ^^.
    these people look so so profesional. i also saw many people on lookbook and i'm just like: wow. it's awesome!
    here where i live, halloween isn't that popular- what a shame. i do love this tradition and it's awesome for me <3
    this is why i also choose costum ^^ you MUST check this and write me how you like it :)!!!
    much love,

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