Tuesday, October 30


 "Pick scabs, not fights."
Here's my halloween look inspired by the "Heroin Chic" fashion movement during the mid 1990's. To get into the mood I took a trip to the local dump while playing air guitar with the band; more importantly, I grew out my beard for this! I suppose partying the entire weekend in someway benefits towards the realness of my costumeMy tattoos? yes they are meaningful. Messy hair, looking waif skinny, homeless and unsanitary ain't so challenging for me. Might have just dissed myself there but my unhealthy appearance due to sleepless nights is pretty fitting if you ask me. Someone known for rockin' this image would be Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. They were also known for giving off an essence of confidence. So here's my chin up, "so what" pose. This costume was challenging to achieve because it's as important to portray an image through expression, characteristics, and physical traits as well as wearing a suitable costume that reflects a lifestyle and image. Though that being said, I tried to get the best of both sides! So I hope you like it! oh and don't forget your crucifix! No cigarettes; I'm on Nicorette! ;) Let's roll! -scrub


  1. you look great also in long hair - a guy who looks great in everything !

  2. PLEASE GROW LONG HAIR you look AWESOME with it!!! Lovely to get the chance to see your body hehe ;) Looking great as always love. Really love the layering of your necklaces too.

  3. Your look is perfect!!love your long black hair.

  4. Great pics!


  5. You remind me of Russell Brand!!!


  7. I totally love this guy. Let's bring back Heroin Chic in a big way. What a gorgeous man.

  8. I totally love this guy. Let's bring back Heroin Chic in a big way. What a gorgeous man.

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