Wednesday, October 31


 Happy Official Halloween Readers! Thanks for checking out my blog of such a special day! Today I'm dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog, one of my favourite classic characters of all time. I got the idea when I found this shirt at a thrift store, and then I realized I had all the rest of my costume laying around my house. I remember my dad just gave me his old converse and then I just used my regular blue jeans. Yes, I thought to go to the top of the city just like the first level from Sonic Aventure 2: City Escape. I just casually wanted to be Sonic collecting coins around town like it's no big deal. Haha, I made these coins out of yellow paper because that's all I had. I thought it was silly. The hardest part about creating this costume was the makeup. I really found it challenging because I had to use spirit gum to hide my eyebrows. I made a little step by step tutorial below if you are interested in achieving this look. If you have any question just let me know! Have a great day! -Bobby



  1. Nice costume idea! It's been a while since I last played the game, hahaha! You look great! xx

  2. You've got extraordinary style! Great photos :) Thank you so mych for visiting my blog :) I'm new follower =] Best regards

  3. HAHA You look amazing......WOW...I am speechless.

  4. happy halloween! love your costume!

  5. omg...... i LOVE your costume, and your entire blog!


  6. Awesome Halloween outfit. Love the headpiece ;)

    X Sabrina

  7. OMG this is so cute! You're really getting into the costumes!

    I like this because I always feel like one is limited to one costume each halloween

  8. I'm truly, truly impressed Bobby
    almost speechless.


  9. Awesome Halloween costume, if I had it I'd be tempted to go dressed as Sonic everywhere.

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby