Saturday, August 4

Simple Dimple

 Today I thought to wear something simple. I just got this new denim short sleeve blouse from Tooee, and I must mention it has a really great fit. My favourite feature about this shirt is the floral detail on the sleeves and collar. I'm also wearing a few of my favourite unique items such as my new circle shades from Chicnova, zipper bracelet and spiked flats from Romwe. I didn't have much time to blog today because I had much to do today, although I thought to share a quick and casual side of me. My sister just moved to Toronto today, so I got to see her new place which was nice. My day also involved a bike ride and a trip downtown to hangout with a friend. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend! -Bobby 
 Short Sleeve Blouse: Tooee, Circle Shades: Chicnova, Spiked Shoes: Romwe, Eagle Ring: Vanessa Mooney, Zipper Bracelet: Romwe


  1. fantastic shoes! The outfit is fabulous!

    1. thanks so much for checking out my blog!!! <3

  2. Casual or dressy, you always make it look great!

  3. Love it Bob. Amazing as always. Just got the email from romwe, it is in the spam section which is why I haven't noticed it. Is your shoes size US8 which is their biggest size I guess? ;)

  4. Simple yet so put together! Love it! Love the shoes! I have a pair, too :)

  5. Oh my goodness, I am absolutely in love with the added details of your top! :)


  6. Nice shirt, love the spiked loafers :)

  7. Bobby, simple or not you always look awesome on whatever you wear! E.


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