Monday, August 6

WANDERLUST / Vanessa Mooney Giveaway

Want to win this necklace?
Ramona Rosewood Necklace Valued at $140!

*All you have to do is 'like' Vanessa Mooney on Facebook
follow Vanessa Mooney on Twitter and Instagram (@vanessamooney)

After that just leave a comment with your name and email adress! 

If you don't use instagram just mention that in your comment.

Good luck to you and hope you win! ♡

Last day to enter is August 21st


  1. Nice photos :)
    and amazing necklace ;)
    I followed Vanessa mooney on FB and Twitter also, I don´t use instagram.

  2. I want that Necklace! :)

    Russel Manalastas

    no! Instagram :)

  3. <3

    Instagram: xnettie
    Twitter: @_nettiee

  4. I love the photo of you sitting on the guitar case. Really digging the head scarf too.

    I would love to enter the giveaway. I am following her on twitter and facebook.

  5. Lorices Pearl Paiton

    I don't have an Instagram account.

  6. I don't use instagram, sorry!!!
    FB: Samantha Tedesco
    twitter: @samanthatedesco

  7. This is so friggin' awesome!
    FB: Szymon Walasek
    twitter: @SzymonWalasek

    I don't have an Instagram account.

    Thank you! Hope I win *_*

  8. Woow, awesome!

    FB: Janina Laakso
    Twitter: @tulitikkutytto

    and I don't have an Instagram account..

    Ps. Stunning outfit, as always! ♥

    Followed Vanessa Mooney on FB, TWITTER & INSTAGRAM <3
    Such a beautiful necklace my fingers are crossed!

    Allysa Hollywood xo

  10. You look awesome! Love that white shirt.

  11. I like how the colour of the necklace stands out.
    - A Marie Imson
    - I don't use Instagram

  12. Ian Cartalaba
    twitter: ianandcoffee
    instagram: forestpuppet

  13. Only liked on facebook 'cause I don't have twitter and instagram.

    Elisabeth Mottard

  14. WOW! perfection <3

    I don't use instagram.

  15. woah I love your outfit and the location.

    this necklace is wonderful, I followed her everywhere:
    fb : helen hetzel
    twitter: 1helenhh
    instagram: helenhetzel

    my email:

  16. STUNNING !

  17. i loooove it!

  18. Love It!

  19. Krystal Marie

    I don't have instagram :(

  20. Dominika Kościółek
    I don't have instagram

  21. Bella Mosqueda :D
    'liked' on facebook, and following on twitter! (@Dirty_Bella)
    I don't use instagram though, sorry! :c

    hope it's me :* <3

  22. great outfit. style like this perfectly fit to you :] and I <3 this neclace but I never won anything so I don't try.

  23. Beautiful necklace, would love to add to my jewelry box!!

  24. Beautiful.

    Facebook: Karen Schipp
    Twitter: Freiwelt
    Instagram: 2vaurien


  25. Drooling,

  26. 'Liked' on facebook, followed on Twitter. I love her jewelry and I love love your style! Keep up the good work;)
    -Liam Eidenire

  27. I don't have instagram, but I found this site through lookbook and it's great!

  28. Love love love.
    Always a facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Like them all.

  29. I don't have instagram butI like Vanessa Mooney on Facebook as Laura Royal and
    follow Vanessa Mooney on Twitter as @laroyal06.
    Loving this giveaway and will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks!! Laura

  30. celliasaragih[at]
    i dont have instagram

  31. I don't have an instagram account.


  32. Hope I can win this givaway! ♥
    Liked Vanessa Mooney on facebook & followed her on Twitter! @imunchingquotes
    But I do not have instagram.
    I'll pray to win this givaway because it is so AWESOME! ♥
    And I totally love the accessories and the outfits you match with! ^.^
    Name: Yiko

    xoxo to Bobby! ♥

  33. Awesome, turquoise is just such a perfect color for that necklace.
    I like your style (:

    Liked Vanessa on facebook n following her @ twitter. Actually got caught up browsing her creations.

    Oh and i don't have instagram.

    Mimi Brandt

    <3 thanks for the chance to win that beauty

  34. I want it too!

    Irene Yuanita

    I don't have Instagram :(

  35. lovely look

    Hania Ogurek

    i don't have instagram, sorry

  36. Inês Ferreira

    I don't have an instagram

  37. Liked on facebook: Monica Camille Erfe
    Followed on twitter: odetoinfinity
    Followed on instagram: monicaerfe

    hope i win :)
    absolutely love your blog & vanessa mooney!

  38. Lan Nguyen

  39. Liked on Facebook: Daniel Moran
    Followed on Twitter: danieldorable
    Followed on Instagram: danieldorable

    <3 Daniel Moran

  40. Stunning pictures!

    Aubrey Wissmann

    I don't use instagram :(

  41. I want that Necklace! :)

    Russel Manalastas

    no! Instagram :)

  42. Liked and followed on all of the above! :)

    Facebook: Zay Penfield Braxton
    Twitter: Trailblazer629
    Instagram: UrbanVanity_

    Name: Ezekiel Dicks

  43. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! nothing more, nothing less! xx

  44. I don't use my instagram so i can't follow it but i follow with my twitter (@y0ungandfr33) and liked facebook page.
    My name is Ana Martin and my email is

  45. Raul Gonzales

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    follow Vanessa Mooney on Twitter and Instagram. the necklace give him the amazing look.

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby