Thursday, August 23


Just a quick post before I go to bed and have nightmares.

I can never really sleep anyways. Tomorrow is going to be really exciting. After having such a successful event last week, I was invited with a couple other bloggers to a Marc Jacobs event tomorrow evening. Inspired to dress in polka dots although I don't really own anything polka dots so I'll have to bike over to value village and try to find something in the morning. You know how I get with the dress code ;)

So I pretty much grabbed any black tee to wear for the evening. I ment to wear my crystal castles tee I got from their concert years ago but mistakingly put grabbed my Paralells one instead, they look pretty much look the same that I didn't even realize it until I got home. Either way I like them equally. I also got this tee at a local concert years ago at an underground venue that shut down. Oh the good days. Anyways, time for bed! Have a good thursday everyone! plans for the weekend? Lemme know! 

*Also, there's going to be a summer clearance sale on Romwe this friday from 24th to the 31st of August. Discounts rance from 5% to 60%
There will also be an additional 15% off on orders over $70 by using code: clearance15%  

Spiked Shoes: Romwe, Circle Shades: Chicnova


  1. great outfit. I like ur shoes and T-Shirt.

  2. Amazing trousers :|

  3. Lovely slippers!

    SCOUT fanzine

  4. Okay those denim trousers are seriously amazing!


  5. I absolutely LOVE the pleats on your denim pants! :)


  6. I recently got the unif hellraisers and I can't stop wearing them! beautiful outfit once more! xx

  7. This looks super casual! I love the Tshirt... BTW your dread's getting so long OMG!


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