Sunday, August 26

Marc Jacobs Fragrance Event in Toronto

The Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance Launch Party. 

This event had to be one of the best fashion events I've attended to. I was very impressed with everything from the decorations to the food. I arrived with my fashion blogger friends Julia Monson, Dani Roche, Gary Levy, Bianca Venerayan and my good friend Menaka Iyer who came dressed head to toe in polka dots. I don't know if you noticed but she's new to lookbook so be sure to hype her along with the fashion bloggers! Over all, it was really high class event and we all had a great time! We all got featured in the Globe and Mail which also came in print the next day! Before leaving we were given a gift bag with a Marc Jacobs tote bag and a bottle of the fragrance! I was just amazed by the entire day while having a permanent smile on my face. I hope to attend another event like this soon! Enjoy the photos below!

Me and Julia Monson posing with the Marc Jacobs Fragrance Dot bottle.
The food was indescribable! So fancy, I didn't know half of the stuff I was eating Pink macaroons with dots and Marc Jacobs branded brownie cookies for desert!
Menaka had to get her nails done once again, just like at the Gap event last week. 
It was amazing to run into my favourite instructor Charmaine Gooden from me and Gary's cosmetic marketing course at college! That may have made out night!
 We were told dress inspired by polka dots, and knowing me I didn't own one thing that had polka dots! So early in the morning (if you follow me on instagram or twitter) you would've have seen my failed attempted trying to pick out something to wear to the event. With the help of you guys I decided to go with the polka dotted scarf that was only 1.99! Coincidentally it matched perfectly with my friend Gary's Marc Jacobs polka dot tie! 
Hope you enjoyed the post! Check out the other bloggers Bianca VenerayanDani RocheJulia MonsonGary Levy, and Menaka Iyer for another perspective of the night! Have a great week everyone! Sincerely, Bobby


  1. Hi lovely,
    I totally love your outfits!!You look so great:)
    I just found your's so awesome!!
    Would you like to follow each other ?
    I hope you like my blog too and follow back:)
    Have a great day:)

  2. Love your outfit, that scarf looks great!
    I absolutely love this fragrance as well, smells sooo nice! x

  3. so cute that everyone is in pokka dots!!
    wished that the place where i live could have an event like that! :)
    totally jealous! :)


  4. Oh Bobby, you look absolutely ravishing! :)


  5. Well you look like you had lots of fun! And you managed to look fantastic while doing so :) congrats!

  6. Had so much fun for the short time that I was able to be there! :) photos are beautiful as always X

  7. I can imagine having a smile on your face all day long. Wish i was there too and I don't have to ask if it was fun. The pictures say enough words !!


  8. How do you get invited to all these cool events???? :D

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