Sunday, February 5

A little visit from Gabriel & Lisa [Just Another Fashion Blog]

Maroon Top: Cheap Monday, Abstract Jeans: Insight, Jacket: Zara, Sword Necklace: Fischer Street 
Cardigan: Jewel, Shorts: Fred Perry, Hat: Brixton, Giraffe Necklace: Fischer Street 
Cardigan:Velour, Plaid Shirt: Insight, Hat: Brixton, Bullet Necklace: Fischer Street 
Velvet top: BB Dakota, Hat: Brixton, Necklace: Fischer Street, Purse: Vintage
Skinny Jeans: Insight, Graphic tee: Ksula, Necklace: Fischer Street 
Gabriel and Lisa from Just Another Fashion Blog visiting Toronto! 
After I heard they are visiting, I had to make plans to show them around. As a surprise, I took them to the CN Tower, and there we had dinner with a group of friends! Afterwords we went to a karaoke bar for some drinks. We had such a great time, that we had to make many more plans. Outfits styled from Lavish & Squalor. More photos will be coming soon!


  1. Wow! You all have a unique but equally great style! Love the photos. I wish I can visit Toronto one day. Would you show me around? I love karaoke bars too(I don't sing.I just drink)! :)

  2. @Jeenee ahha aww thanks so much!! I'm glad you like it! & if you ever visit Toronto please let me know! i will no doub't take you up on that =]

  3. I love all the looks, but overall Lisa's shorts :P
    and I love how you look together like just five awesomely dressed people walking around~
    Nice post Bobby! :)

  4. AWWW! you guys are so sweet! Thank you soo much Marie Lu and Antonia <3

  5. Hello, just wanted to say, I loved this article. It was practical.


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