Tuesday, February 7

My Interpretation of Spring

Hearts form in my eyes as my mouth streams waterfalls; my cartoon laptop case is covered with cupcakes, milkshakes, popcorn, cheeseburgers, and soda pop. Appetizing? An outfit illuminating my favourite colours as well my personal style; this is my interpretation of spring. I used a hint of stripes, and pop of turquoise combined with a colourful accessory to create a pop art inspired outfit. Hope you like this look!
Buckled Shoes: Versace for H&M, Laptop Sleeve: Snupped, Bowler Hat: Vintage
Turquoise Blazer, Skinny Jeans: Thrifted, Striped Shirt, Leather Bracelet: H&M


  1. You totally rock in your outfits!! Plus your hot ;) Love the combination of colours here too.

  2. I love your shoes and the blazer. Very nice outfit together : ))

    Brigitte : )

  3. !!! wow thanks soo much guys!!! <3 it means a lot!! :D

  4. That colour is absolutely amazing and you are such a handsome fellow! :D

  5. Didn't realise you had a blog! DOH
    Great pics :) x

  6. Lovely Clutch/Bag!!


    x Rick

  7. Your laptop case definitey caught my eye! Love the whole outfit, fun!

  8. just hyped your look
    amazing blazer :)


  9. Love this!
    Your style is so cool! :)


  10. LOVE your style! That laptop sleeve is amazing, and the jacket such a lovely colour!

  11. You look great in that color! Also, your laptop sleeve is pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen.

  12. That blazer is perfect catch! :)


  13. I love the clutch!!!
    xoxo Ivana

  14. Ohh Bobby very nice shoes for Versace at H&M???


  15. how amazing is that blazer!! what a great colour!

  16. I really appreciate your post. It is so interesting and informative. I will come to see your post again.

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