Monday, January 23

Muted and Neutral

It was a dark and cloudy day in the city. So I thought to make an outfit inspired by overcast skies. To convey my interpretation of a cloudy day, I thought to use soft and muted colours mixing together like an analogous color scheme. Lately I’ve been feeling a neutral pallet for a perfect early spring trend. (Greenish grey for guys, and pale rose pink for the ladies.) These outfits are styled from Lavish & Squalor’s new spring merchandise. I’m obsessed with this brand new Life After Denim jacket; perfect for the season. Not only is it lightweight, but still able to keep me warm. Another cool item which I must talk about is this bag. The pattern reminds me of Mondrian’s most famous painting, but of course a muted and watered down version of it. Till next time! - Bobby
Jacket- Life After Denim, Hoodie- Comune, Graphic Tee- Rogues Gallery, Handbang- Jihan 
Jeans- thrifted, Scarf- Lavish& Squalor,  Bracelet- Romwe, Necklace -D-Tox, Shoes- Verace
Creme Dress- BB Dakota, Oversized Pale Rose Cardigan - Covet, Hat- Brixton, Purse- Vintage


  1. love everything about this look Bobby, that bag is amazing!

  2. I like the colors of your look, specially your jacket, but most of all I have to say, I love what she is wearing!


  3. Your shoes are fabulous, love them. Your bag is great as well.

  4. Love this look! That jacket is really cool and the bagpack is awesome too!

  5. Great photos, you both look great!

    - Shannon

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I appreciate and read each and every comment! & the ones on my blog I enjoy especially! Thank you so much for reading my blog! -Bobby