Friday, November 26

Getting Ready for Winter

Lately I find myself wearing different variations of black and grey which i guess reflect my mood. Lately I haven't been much of a people person as I have been content in my solitude. I find myself channeling my creativity as i have been writing songs, playing the piano and panting. I guess this all comes with the fact that is is cold outside. So natural naturally my body wants to be surrounded in warmth. I wanted to share with you my latest winter inspirational style. One of my new favorite stores that I have discovered is The Black market located downtown Toronto where you can find pretty much anything for as little as 10$. I also just purchased this patterned scarf with matching gloves from H&M. I don't shop there as often as I use to considering i am now a penny-less fashion student. So long for now, check back in a few days for another one of my inspirational looks.


  1. Love love love!!!!

  2. thank you very much!! :) nice blog yourself <3

  3. woow, looks great. totally love the scarf and gloves. beautifull pictures. have a nice weekend xoxo

  4. thanks so much guys!!! aww i'm glad you like it! <3

  5. omg, how can you possibly be so beautiful? nice outfit by the way. ;>

  6. aww you are too much! *blushes* thank you <3

  7. thank you so much Adam!! :] your amazing!

  8. Love love love this!
    Hope to stay in touch :)


  10. I loove the SCARF!!! & your back pack is damn nice!

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